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Best Exam Gloves in 2024

Since the start of the COVID-19 epidemic, the demand for top-notch exam gloves has been higher than ever. Ensuring the highest safety and performance standards is necessary for medical professionals. That’s where the best exam gloves come into play.

At, we understand the essential role that high-quality exam gloves play in the daily routines of doctors, nurses, dentists, and other healthcare professionals. As part of our commitment to providing the best hand protection possible, we’ve curated this guide to the best exam gloves available in 2024.

Join us as we dive into the details of each of these types of top-tier disposable gloves, exploring their unique features, materials, and thickness, allowing you to make the best decision for both your practitioners and your patients.

Best Exam Gloves

HandCare Blue Nitrile Gloves

HandCare Blue Nitrile Gloves

Our first recommendation is our own HandCare blue nitrile gloves — the best nitrile exam gloves on the market. With a thickness of 4 mil (also available in 8 mil), these gloves strike the perfect balance between durability and tactile sensitivity.

Manufactured in sizes ranging from S to XXL, the HandCare line has options for every hand. With the choice of buying a standard box of 100 or a bulk case of 1000, HandCare offers versatile stocking options to meet your facility’s needs best.

These gloves’ loose cuffs make putting them on and taking them off quick and easy, while the stretchy fit adapts to your hand's contours for continued comfort even with extended wear.

HandCare blue nitrile gloves meet the rigorous standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). The professional blue color aligns with industry standards, instilling patient confidence and fostering trust and credibility.

These powder-free and latex-free disposable gloves have textured fingertips, providing an enhanced grip without compromising tactile sensitivity.

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BMC Protect Grip Protect Precise Medical Purple Nitrile Gloves

BMC Protect Grip Protect Precise Medical Purple Nitrile Gloves

Grip Protect Precise Medical purple nitrile gloves are another nitrile option with a 4 mil thickness.

Each package of 1000 gloves provides an ample supply for various medical settings, from hospitals to clinics, but may be less than ideal for practices that only need a small glove inventory.

In addition, while these gloves may not be as stretchy as other options, they compensate with features that set them apart, like the vibrant purple hue. Beyond aesthetics, purple is ideal for practices that color code gloves by material or purpose. It’s a requisite color for all the best medical exam gloves.

For example, many practices use purple gloves when handling potentially dangerous substances. Furthermore, research suggests that purple projects a warmer, friendlier feel, so some healthcare providers deliberately use purple gloves to create a more positive and comforting patient experience.

Finally, these disposable gloves are latex-free and powder-free, minimizing the risk of allergic reactions and cross-contamination.

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Diamond Gloves ADVANCE Blue Nitrile Gloves

Diamond Gloves ADVANCE Blue Nitrile Gloves

Our next pick, ADVANCE blue nitrile gloves, boast a 5 mil thickness, offering extra durability compared to our last two recommendations — at the cost of a little bit of tactile sensitivity.

Packaged in convenient cases of 1000 gloves, these gloves are best for practices and organizations that use PPE regularly. With sizes ranging from S to XL, these gloves guarantee a comfortable and secure fit for practitioners of all hand sizes.

One feature that helps these gloves stand out from other options is that they have both textured fingertips and textured palms for a firm grip even when the gloves are wet. Furthermore, these gloves are tear and puncture-resistant.

ADVANCE blue nitrile gloves provide a latex- and powder-free solution. Their innovative polymer-coated interiors enhance usability, making them easy to put on and take off despite being powder-free.

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ASAP Orange Nitrile Gloves

ASAP Orange Nitrile Gloves

ASAP orange nitrile gloves embody innovation and functionality in hand safety. These gloves redefine expectations with a thoughtful design that prioritizes visibility, grip, and comfort for medical professionals.

Available in sizes ranging from S to XL, ASAP orange nitrile gloves accommodate the diverse needs of practitioners, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit for all hand sizes. Packaged in cases of 1000 gloves, each box provides an ample supply for various medical applications.

The distinctive orange color of these gloves enhances visibility while the 5 mil thickness balances durability and sensitivity, providing excellent puncture resistance.

These gloves go a step further to improve grip with full-hand texturing. Their stretchy fit and beaded cuffs make them easy to put on and comfortable to wear.

All ASAP orange nitrile gloves are powder- and latex-free.

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Wostar White Nitrile Gloves

Wostar White Nitrile Gloves

Wostar white nitrile gloves stand out with a 6 mil thickness, offering a thicker layer of protection than the other recommendations on our list — without compromising comfort.

These gloves stand out partly because each case contains 500 gloves, an excellent middle ground between buying by the 100 glove box and the 1000 glove case.

These gloves’ distinctive white color is professional but also makes spotting any substances on the gloves easier. Wostar gloves are puncture-resistant, chemical-resistant, powder-free, latex-free, silicone-free, and antistatic. They’re available in sizes from S to XL.

Shop Wostar White Nitrile Exam Grade Gloves here

Polysilk by Shamrock Black Latex Gloves

Polysilk by Shamrock Black Latex Gloves

Polysilk by Shamrock black latex gloves are a sophisticated choice that combines style with superior hand safety. Packaged meticulously with 100 gloves per box and available in cases of 1000, Polysilk glove orders ensure an ample supply for your medical practice. Available sizes range from S to XL.

The distinctive black color of these latex gloves looks sleek and discreetly hides any substances on the gloves, which can significantly enhance patient comfort.

With their elastic fit and loose cuffs, Polysilk black latex gloves are comfortable and easy to put on. The beaded cuffs add an extra layer of security and tear resistance.

These gloves feature a lightly textured finish, providing improved grip and control.

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What Is the Best Material for Exam Gloves?

Nitrile is the go-to material for exam gloves for most practices because gloves made from this material are very durable, easily made exam-grade, and safe for patients and practitioners with latex allergies.

Generally speaking, vinyl gloves are not considered durable enough for medical use. Latex gloves are reasonably durable and available at a lower cost, but nitrile is more durable. In addition, latex allergies are prevalent, making it a poor choice of material for gloves used by or on a large cross-section of the population.

How Thick Should Exam Gloves Be?

Generally speaking, exam gloves should be 4 mil to 5 mil thick. This thickness balances puncture resistance with tactile sensitivity, allowing doctors, nurses, and dentists to be safe and effective.

For other medical uses, a thicker glove is preferred. Lab workers, for example, will want medical gloves between 6 mil and 8 mil, while chemotherapy professionals and others cleaning up hazardous materials will want gloves at least 9 mil thick.

What’s the Difference Between Sterile and Non-Sterile Exam Gloves?

Sterile gloves are used during invasive medical procedures like surgeries to avoid cross-contamination and minimize the risk of infection. Surgical gloves always need to be sterile, but exam gloves do not need to be sterile to be safe.

Are Examination Gloves the Same as Surgical Gloves?

Exam gloves and surgical gloves are both categories of medical-grade gloves, but they’re not the same thing. Surgical gloves must be sterile to minimize the risk of infection during surgery and other invasive operations. Exam gloves do not need to be sterile. Surgical gloves also tend to have more precise sizing, which allows for greater user tactical sensitivity and precision.


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