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HandCare Vinyl Gloves - Exam Grade, Powder Free (Clear), 1,000 Gloves HandCare Vinyl Gloves - Exam Grade, Powder Free (Clear), 1,000 Gloves
HandCare Black Vinyl Gloves - Powder Free (3 Mil), 1,000 Gloves HandCare Black Vinyl Gloves - Powder Free (3 Mil), 1,000 Gloves
1 box of  ADVANCE Powder Free Blue Vinyl Gloves ADVANCE Blue Vinyl Gloves - Powder Free (4 Mil), 1,000 Gloves
1 Box of ADVANCE Powder Free, Synthetic Vinyl Gloves ADVANCE Stretch Vinyl Gloves - Powder Free, 1,000 Gloves
Vinyl Powder Free Exam Gloves - 1000 gloves Vinyl Powder Free Exam Gloves - 1000 gloves
Vinyl Powder Free Gloves - 1000 Gloves Vinyl Powder Free Gloves - 1000 Gloves
Blue Vinyl Powder Free Gloves - 1000 gloves Blue Vinyl Powder Free Gloves - 1000 gloves
HandCare Black Vinyl Gloves - Powder Free (3 Mil) 100 Cases (Bulk) HandCare Black Vinyl Gloves - Powder Free (3 Mil) 100 Cases (Bulk)
1 Box of ADVANCE Powder Free, Synthetic Vinyl Gloves 10 boxes of white ADVANCE synthetic vinyl gloves and when worn in the hand
HandCare Vinyl Gloves - Exam Grade, Powder Free (Clear), 100 Cases (Bulk) 10 boxes of HandCare Vinyl Gloves (Clear) and when worn on hand
After trying many different type of gloves from amazon, finally found ones with good fit and quality. Would recommend!


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The COVID-19 pandemic has driven home the need for high-quality gloves and service you can count on. We are proud to deliver exam-grade, high-quality vinyl gloves that offer users protection when they need it most.

Vinyl gloves are among the most common options in a variety of sectors. Even though they are not as durable as nitrile or latex gloves, they are inexpensive to manufacture and simple to wear.

Vinyl gloves are widely used in the food industry. They are powder-free, suitable for food handling, and easy to remove between usage if they become soiled. Vinyl gloves are more flexible and breathable than other gloves because they are softer.

Our vinyl glove selection is perfect for users in a variety of essential worker sectors. With allergen-friendly materials, user-friendly design, and an unbeatable price, these are the gloves you can count on to support your most important work. 

What are Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl gloves are produced from PVC; a film derived from petroleum. The key benefit of disposable plastic gloves is their low cost of production. However, they are less durable than latex and nitrile and provide little protection from chemical and biological exposure. When the individual molecules of vinyl gloves are stretched or flexed, the integrity of the protective barrier is disrupted. 

Vinyl gloves are frequently utilized in non-hazardous and low-infection conditions because of their inexpensive cost and protective level.

Uses of Vinyl Gloves

Gloves made of vinyl can be utilized in a range of settings and sectors. Food handling, cleaning, and minor medical usage, such as exams with a low risk of exposure to bodily fluids, are the most typical conditions in which vinyl gloves are appropriate. These gloves provide little protection against exposure to chemicals or biological compounds but can provide temporary protection against non-hazardous contaminants.

If your profession requires known contact with hazardous chemicals, you must purchase medical-grade gloves. They are unfit for handling industrial cleaning chemicals due to their lack of chemical resistance. Vinyl gloves are neither puncture-resistant nor form-fitting; mechanical workers who require protection and dexterity cannot profit from their use.

Vinyl gloves, which are less costly than latex or nitrile, are an ideal choice for low-risk occupations needing sanitary protection.

Types of Vinyl Gloves

When searching for medical gloves, vinyl is the material of choice. It is allergen-free, durable, and comfortable for the duration of your appointment.

We offer three types of vinyl gloves:

  1. Vinyl exam gloves
  2. Blue vinyl gloves
  3. Black vinyl gloves

All three gloves have a flexible fit and a loose cuff for effortless application and removal. Due to the fact that all three gloves are powder- and latex-free, they are an excellent choice for users with typical skin allergies. Additionally, your patients will not be required to request alternative gloves.

Benefits of Using Vinyl Gloves

There are several benefits to using vinyl gloves over other protective gloves. Vinyl gloves are constructed to be stretchable, versatile, and resistant to punctures, tearing, and normal wear and tear.

They can be utilized for healthcare chores to protect the user's hands from infection. However, for urgent jobs such as surgery or where strength and durability are required, the medical sector would avoid vinyl gloves because of the possibility of slitting under pressure since vinyl gloves have less flexibility than other gloves such as nitrile gloves. If health risks and contamination are a concern, the proper grade of protective glove can provide some protection against contamination from bodily fluids such as blood and pathogens. However, it is important to recognize that only some risks will be protected against and to take steps to safeguard employees.

Vinyl Gloves FAQs

Which gloves are better, vinyl or latex?  

There are pros and cons to both vinyl and latex gloves. Latex gloves are more stretchable and less likely to tear, making them a good choice for tasks that require dexterity. Vinyl gloves, on the other hand, are less allergy-provoking and often cheaper. They also offer better protection against chemicals than latex gloves. Both types of gloves have their place in the workplace.

Is vinyl glove safe for the skin?

Vinyl gloves are a great option for people with sensitive skin. They are latex-free and PVC-free, so they don't contain any of the harsh chemicals that can cause irritation. They're also soft and comfortable, making them a good choice for extended use.

How long do vinyl gloves last?

PVC vinyl gloves offer an average shelf life of about five years. After this time, the gloves may become brittle and more likely to tear, leading to contamination risks. It is important to dispose of old gloves properly and not reuse them.

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