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HandCare Latex Powder Free Gloves (Multipurpose), 1,000 Gloves HandCare Latex Powder Free Gloves (Multipurpose), 1,000 Gloves
Wearinng a 14 inches gloves Polysilk by Shamrock Black Latex Gloves - Exam Grade, Powder Free (4 Mil), 1,000 Gloves
10 boxes of ADVANCE Powder Free, Latex Examination Gloves and when worn in the hand ADVANCE Latex Gloves - Exam Grade, Powder Free, 1,000 Gloves
Latex Powder Free 4mil Multi-Purpose - 1000 Gloves Latex Powder Free 4mil Multi-Purpose - 1000 Gloves
Latex Powder Free Gloves 6mil Multi-Purpose - 1000 Gloves Latex Powder Free Gloves 6mil Multi-Purpose - 1000 Gloves

Latex gloves are the go-to type of disposable gloves for most industries. They are versatile, convenient, affordable, and accessible. And here at Gloves.com, you can find the best deals for high-quality powder-free latex gloves. We prioritize quality, variety, and affordability on all our latex powder-free gloves. 

What are you waiting for? Browse through our durable powder-free disposable latex gloves and select the one that fits your needs and budget!

What are powder-free latex gloves?

Latex gloves are made from natural rubber latex found in some trees and plants. Freshly harvested natural rubber comes in liquid form and then turns rubbery. Due to its accessibility and availability, latex is used in many industries and for many applications such as making latex gloves. Compared to synthetic rubber, latex doesn’t contain any chemicals.

Disposable latex gloves are the most popular type of disposable used on the market. This is because of their superior elasticity, durability, and comfortability. 

Powder-free latex gloves don’t contain any powder coating like cornstarch. The powder coating is typically applied to the latex gloves to make them easier to don and remove. Latex gloves should fit perfectly. However, due to their elasticity and rubbery texture, wearing and removing them can be a bit difficult. Latex gloves can also tear in the process. Hence, some people prefer powdered latex gloves. 

Despite the benefits of powdered gloves, powder-free latex gloves are still a more popular and most commonly used type of latex gloves. This is because the powder coating can cause irritation. Also, powdered latex gloves can leave a residue that can affect your tasks.

Benefits of Powder-Free Latex Gloves

Powder-free latex gloves are the most commonly used type of disposable gloves across multiple industries. This is because of the benefits of powder-free disposable gloves. Here are a few:

Reduce Risks of Allergic Reactions

Powder-free latex gloves are created to reduce the risks of developing latex allergic reactions due to consistent or regular use of latex gloves. The powder coating in the surgical gloves is made from powdered starch which can stimulate an allergic reaction. In addition, the powder can transfer to the airways and skin.

Enhanced Grip And Dexterity

Because of the absence of powdered starch, powder-free latex gloves allow the wearer to grip, hold, and use tools and equipment without problems. The powder coating makes disposable gloves slippery which is hazardous and dangerous when holding or using any tools, equipment, and glass objects. By wearing latex powder-free disposable gloves, you and your employees will not encounter any problems with gripping objects and hand movement.

Durable And Long-Lasting

Latex disposable gloves are very elastic which adds to their durability and strength. When worn properly, high-quality powder-free latex gloves can last for hours. However, you should always check the integrity of your disposable gloves. If you and your employees are wearing low-quality surgical gloves, there is a possibility that they can tear easily. This can lead to contamination or the spread of diseases and viruses. Always order your latex powder-free gloves from a reputable store like Gloves.com to ensure you are getting high-quality and durable powder-free latex gloves every time. 

Lowers Contamination Risks

Powdered disposable gloves are coated with a powdered coating making them easy to don and remove. However, this powder coating can transfer to your nose, the tools you are holding, the equipment you are using, the food you are cooking, and the liquids you are handling. This is unacceptable in health, food, automotive, and other industries. Therefore, it is required to wear powder-free disposable gloves in these industries, especially the healthcare and food handling industries, to avoid and reduce contamination risks.

Common Uses for Powder-Free Latex Gloves in Different Industries

Powder-free latex gloves can protect the wearer from various chemicals and materials. That’s why latex disposable gloves are used in most industries. Here are the most common applications of powder-free latex gloves:

      • Janitorial and cleaning tasks
      • Care home and domestic roles
      • Dental related tasks and hygiene 
      • Food handling, preparation, and processing
      • General manufacturing and assembly
      • Healthcare industry
      • Emergency services
      • Hospital and clinical work
      • Health and science laboratories
      • Painting and decorating tasks
      • Printing

Advantages/Disadvantages of powder-free latex gloves

Powder-free latex gloves are very popular and used in most industries. There might be many advantages of wearing latex disposable gloves, but there are also disadvantages. To help you decide if these powder-free latex gloves are for you and your employees, here are some of the pros and cons of latex powder-free gloves.

Comfortable To Wear

The main selling point of powder-free latex gloves is their flexibility and comfort. Powder-free latex gloves are designed to fit the hands like a “glove” without any hindrance in the movement. Your hands will have a full range of motion and dexterity. As a result, the wearer can finish their tasks quicker and more efficiently.


Latex gloves are made from natural rubber. This means latex is biodegradable and more environmentally friendly compared to other types of disposable gloves which are made from synthetic materials. Latex is not man-made and no chemicals are used to make this raw material. As a result, powder-free latex gloves are perfect for those looking for a more environmentally friendly disposable gloves option.

Chemical Resistant

Powder-free latex gloves can protect the wearer against the following chemicals:

      • Solvents
      • Biohazards
      • Inorganic chemicals
      • Contaminants
      • Infections

However, latex disposable gloves are prone to degradation when exposed to oils, grease, and organic solvent for a long time. It is best to replace your powder-free latex exam gloves frequently when you are handling or exposed to these chemicals.

Prone To Puncture

Due to their elasticity, powder-free latex gloves are prone to puncture just like a rubber balloon. But the problem is, tiny holes are not that visible in these disposable gloves. Even if you take a closer look at the latex gloves powder free and didn’t find any holes, there might be tiny holes or incisions in them. That is why it is very important to source and purchase your powder-free disposable latex gloves from a reputable and reliable store like Gloves.com to ensure you are getting high-quality disposable gloves that are safe to use.

Can Cause Allergic Reactions

Some people are allergic or sensitive to latex. But don’t worry, there are other types of disposable gloves you and your employees can use. There are nitrile and vinyl gloves that are made using synthetic materials. They might not be as affordable as latex gloves but if you have latex allergies or sensitive skin, these types of disposable gloves will do the trick.

Manufacturing process of powder-free latex gloves

Each manufacturer of powder-free latex gloves has their own process for making them. However, in general, it involves the following steps:

Collection of Rubber

Rubber is collected from rubber trees by stripping the bark from the tree and letting the sap run through a bucket.

Addition of Compounds

Natural and pure rubber sap is combined with different compounds to stabilize it and make it elastic and stretchable. If the latex disposable gloves are colored, liquid pigment dispersions are added.


Ceramic hand-shaped molds are cleaned, sanitized, and prepared for use. They are dipped in a water bath, a bleach solution, and into a calcium carbonate or calcium nitrite solution. After preparation, the molds are submerged in the latex bath.

Vulcanize the Latex

This is a crucial step. Vulcanizing your powder-free latex gloves gives them the elasticity and softness it needs. Also, it dries the disposable gloves.

Chlorinated and Coated

For powder-free latex gloves are chlorinated and coated with a polymer which gives a smooth texture to the disposable gloves.

Removal, Checking, And Packaging

Then, the latex surgical gloves are removed from the mold and checked for quality. Lastly, they are packed and shipped. 

Safety concerns with powder-free latex gloves

There are many benefits of powder-free latex gloves. However, the regular or consistent wearing of latex disposable gloves can lead to skin sensitivity and irritation towards latex. In addition, non-powdered latex gloves offer excellent protection against pathogens from blood or bodily fluids but not chemicals. It is also difficult to see any punctures or holes in your disposable latex gloves. If you are not sourcing your powder-free gloves from a trusted and reputable store, you can’t be sure your disposable rubber gloves are safe to use.

Regulations and standards for powder-free latex gloves

Each country, establishment, and manufacturer have their own regulations and standards for powder-free latex gloves, their uses and applications, and safety procedures. Also, the intended use of disposable gloves affects the standards for powder-free gloves. For example, surgical gloves should pass the ISO 10282:2002 and ASTM D3577 (2019) before they can be used for any surgical procedures. On the other hand, for medical examination disposable gloves, they should pass ISO 11193-1:2008 and ASTM D3578 (2019).

In addition, all medical-grade latex gloves should pass the following tests:

      • ASTM D5151 (2019)
      • ASTM D6124 (2006 R2017)
      • ASTM D6499 (2018)
      • ASTM D3772 (2015)
      • ASTM D5712 (2015)

That’s why before ordering your powder-free latex gloves, it is imperative you check the disposable gloves. Remember, there are many low-quality disposable latex gloves in the market. For your and your employees' protection and safety, always order your powder-free latex gloves from a trusted store.

Order Powder-Free Latex Gloves From Gloves.com

There are many benefits of wearing powder-free latex gloves. They are versatile, comfortable, and elastic. Wearing disposable gloves prevents contamination and the spread of diseases. However, not all powder-free gloves are made the same. Your source of latex powder-free gloves is important. Always order your powder-free latex gloves from a trusted and reputable store like Gloves.com.

We feature a wide collection of high-quality powder-free latex gloves all from famous and trustworthy brands in the industry. Our rubber gloves disposable are available in different sizes to ensure they will fit you and your employees properly. Whether you are searching for black, white, or blue latex gloves, you can find them here at affordable prices. Choose your powder-free latex disposable gloves today!