9 Mil Nitrile Gloves

Disposable 9 mil nitrile gloves are the right choice when safety is a major concern. More than twice the thickness of most nitrile gloves, they’re much harder to tear. Our robust synthetic rubber gloves stand up well against industrial cleaners, acids, oils, and solvents.



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Which 9 mil nitrile gloves do our customers love most?

Dark Light Black Nitrile Gloves - Exam Grade, Powder Free (9 Mil)
Rigorously tested for quality and durability, these gloves from dark light hold up well under heavy use. And their midnight-black color looks crisp in spite of stains and spills.

Optify Blue Nitrile Gloves - Exam Grade, Powder Free (9 Mil)
Need top-notch protection against potentially infectious substances or harsh disinfectants? These medical-grade blue nitrile gloves from Optify get the job done in style.

Buy Bulk Nitrile Gloves For Cost-Effective Protection

Don’t throw money away shopping for one box of nitrile gloves at a time. Buy 8 mil nitrile gloves in 1000 count or more for affordable bulk pricing.

Shop By Size For the Perfect Fit

Make sure to get the right fit to maximize your manual dexterity with thick 9 mil nitrile gloves. We offer Small, Medium, Large, and XL gloves to help you find the perfect size for your comfort and grip.