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Buying bulk nitrile gloves is the best way to save money while getting tough, dependable protection. With our wholesale disposable nitrile gloves, you can stay stocked for months without blowing your budget. Call our sales team to get the lowest price on orange, blue, or black nitrile gloves, in whatever quantity you need.



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After trying many different type of gloves from amazon, finally found ones with good fit and quality. Would recommend!


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Buying bulk nitrile gloves is the best way to save money while getting rugged, dependable protection. You can stay stocked for months without blowing your budget using our wholesale disposable nitrile gloves. Call our sales team to buy nitrile gloves in bulk, or continue reading to learn more.

Nitrile gloves are made of synthetic nitrile rubber. They offer exceptional puncture and chemical resistance compared to natural rubber latex or vinyl gloves. This construction makes nitrile gloves ideal for medical, industrial, food service, and laboratory applications where safety is paramount.

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At Gloves.com, we offer an extensive range of nitrile gloves at wholesale prices when you buy in bulk. Buying more gloves means spending less per pair — saving you money while keeping your team protected shift after shift.

Our nitrile gloves inventory ranges from lightweight disposables to heavy-duty options with thicknesses varying from 2 mil to 10+ mil for dextrous or rugged protection. We stock a variety of nitrile gloves in bulk colors, including white, blue, black, orange, and purple. This extensive selection ensures you'll find the right look and fit for any workplace.

Order over $99 worth of gloves, and we'll ship them anywhere in the continental US for FREE. This offer, along with our wholesale pricing, makes bulk glove purchases extremely economical. For extra assurance, we proudly back our nitrile gloves inventory with both lowest price and fastest shipping guarantees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are nitrile gloves so expensive?

Nitrile gloves cost more than latex or vinyl gloves because they’re more durable, providing better resistance to rips, punctures, and chemical breaches. Nitrile also conforms better to your hands than other materials, offering a more snug fit and better touch sensitivity. 

To learn more, check out our complete breakdown of the advantages of nitrile disposable gloves.

The demand for nitrile gloves has gone up sharply following the COVID-19 pandemic. This shortage can make them more challenging to find without excessive reseller markup.

Where can I buy cheap nitrile gloves in bulk?

Wholesale suppliers like Gloves.com are your best option for buying cheap bulk nitrile gloves without sacrificing quality. Buying a case of 1,000 disposable nitrile gloves wholesale means paying a lot less per pair. When you have a job that requires changing gloves often, bulk-rate savings can add up quickly!

Gloves.com offers lower prices and faster shipping than other nitrile glove suppliers. We don’t sacrifice quality to get you those discounts, either. You’ll get puncture-resistant, FDA-approved, powder-free nitrile gloves for wholesale price.

What is the best wholesale price for nitrile gloves in bulk?

Wholesale prices for high-quality nitrile gloves typically range from around $0.10 to $0.33 per pair. You may sometimes see prices in the $0.02 to $0.04 range, but those are generally not from reliable nitrile glove suppliers. There’s not much point in choosing nitrile gloves if you get them from a manufacturer with poor quality control.

The cost of nitrile gloves in bulk can vary substantially depending on the material thickness and the number of gloves per case. Our sales team will work with you to find the wholesale price that makes sense for your budget and bulk nitrile glove supply needs.

What can damage nitrile gloves?

Some chemicals, including acetates, concentrated acids, ketones, and aromatic solvents like benzene, can damage nitrile gloves. Avoid contact with these substances while wearing nitrile. Also, although disposable nitrile gloves are resistant to ripping, tearing, and surface-scrape punctures, they won’t stop a blade or a needle from harming you.

Still, these gloves protect against many common toxic and irritating substances. That’s why they’re so frequently used in laboratory and medical settings. Take a look at our nitrile glove chemical resistance chart to see how our products can help you stay safe.

Are black nitrile gloves better than blue?

Black nitrile gloves can work better than other colors for jobs where there’s a possibility of dark stains developing on your hands. Materials like ink and grease don’t stand out against black, letting you maintain a crisp, professional appearance even when you’ve been working hard.

That’s why auto mechanics, tattoo artists, law enforcement officers, and many other dedicated professionals often prefer black nitrile gloves. However, orange and blue nitrile gloves are also popular choices, especially in the medical field or in industries such as bulk food production, where high visibility of damaged or accidentally discarded gloves is valuable.

Is nitrile better than latex?

Nitrile beats latex in many crucial performance categories, including chemical resistance, durability, conforming fit, and lack of friction. Many people also have allergies to latex, making it a poor choice for customer-facing jobs. That’s why it’s often worth paying a little extra for nitrile — and keeping your costs low by buying nitrile gloves in bulk.

Is nitrile stronger than vinyl?

Like latex, vinyl isn’t as strong as nitrile — it tears more easily and is less puncture-resistant. It’s also reactive with a different cohort of chemicals. 

Vinyl can be a good low-cost alternative to nitrile for food service tasks and other scenarios when the main concern is avoiding cross-contamination. But nitrile disposable gloves are better for rougher and higher-risk jobs.

How many nitrile gloves come on a pallet?

Purchasing a pallet of wholesale nitrile gloves will bet you up to 100 cases of gloves. This load will generally equate to approximately 100,000 gloves since most of our cases contain 1,000 each.

What is the best brand of nitrile gloves?

There are numerous high-quality nitrile gloves for sale. We believe the best brands are HandCare, Advance Plus, and Grip Protect Precise for enhanced grip and tactile sensitivity. If you don’t know where to buy nitrile gloves in these brands, rest assured because we sell all of them.

These medical-grade gloves provide highly durable, long-lasting protection that will withstand most foreseeable situations.

Which is cheaper, latex or nitrile gloves?

When it comes to upfront price, latex gloves are generally cheaper per unit than nitrile ones. Latex is a natural rubber product, making it more affordable to produce. However, nitrile gloves tend to be more cost-efficient in the long run.

Nitrile gloves are significantly more durable than latex ones. Their synthetic rubber construction makes them up to three times more puncture-resistant.

Nitrile gloves also withstand more chemicals and last longer when used repeatedly. Even though nitrile has a higher per-glove cost, you can easily end up changing them less often when brand-new gloves aren’t required for each application.