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This section is intended to address frequently asked questions about our personal protective equipment (PPE), shipping times and many more inquiries you may have.

We know you may have many questions when choosing a trusted supplier of PPE, and that is why our commitment to you is always honesty and transparency, so please read through this list carefully.

Have a question that is not listed here? Reach out to us via email, we'll get back to you soon.

  1. About Us
  • "How long has your company been around?"
    It has been around since 1993 and revamped in 2020.
  1. Discounts
  • “Do you offer discounts to first responders, schools, front-line workers and non-profits?“
    Yes. We're a family-owned and operated business with one of the core family values being "to serve", and for that we would love to offer you 5% discount to help you out. Our site can provide it to you immediately at the moment you access to it.

    We understand that this discount is not as high as you were expecting. The reason for this is because we’ve drastically reduced our pricing in order to help everybody in the country get access to affordable and high quality PPE.

    We sincerely hope that the lower pricing will allow everybody that is looking to buy high quality PPE to get it and thus help reduce the spread of the virus. We hope that this will ultimately help reduce the strain our healthcare system is currently experiencing.

III. Our Customers of First-Responders, Schools, Front-line Workers, and Non-profits 

  • "What types of businesses or organizations have bought PPE from you?"
    We have shipped over hundreds of thousands of PPE to companies, organizations, and people around the US. Some examples are:
    - Dentists
    - Non-Profits
    - Nursing Homes
    - Funeral Homes
    - Firefighters
    - Police Forces
    - Governmental Departments
    - Chiropractors
    - Optometrists
    - ER & First Responders
    - Construction Workers
    - At-Home Care Workers
    - Grocery Stores
    - Teachers
  1. Manufacturers
  • "Who are your manufacturers and where are they based?"
    Our products are manufactured in Thailand, Malaysia, and China from manufacturers who have been around the business for 10+ years. To ensure quality, we always verify for lab tests made by a third party company non-related to the manufacturer to verify their quality, and for those that require it, we also ask for official documentation from entities like the FDA to confirm these products can be distributed in the US.