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HandCare Black Vinyl Gloves - Powder Free (3 Mil) 100 Cases (Bulk) HandCare Black Vinyl Gloves - Powder Free (3 Mil) 100 Cases (Bulk)
HandCare Vinyl Gloves - Exam Grade, Powder Free (Clear), 100 Cases (Bulk) 10 boxes of HandCare Vinyl Gloves (Clear) and when worn on hand
1 Box of ADVANCE Powder Free, Synthetic Vinyl Gloves 10 boxes of white ADVANCE synthetic vinyl gloves and when worn in the hand

Are you looking to purchase vinyl gloves in bulk and wholesale amounts? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Vinyl gloves are essential to any workplace safety plan, protecting hazardous materials, bacteria, and other substances. Bulk ordering is a great way to ensure that your team has the safety gear necessary for their work environment.

Benefits of Vinyl Gloves


Vinyl gloves offer several benefits for medical professionals and carers alike. They are the most affordable option among disposable examination gloves, making them particularly attractive for those concerned with the cost-effectiveness of safety measures in healthcare settings. 

Chemical Resistance

Vinyl gloves also offer chemical resistance superior to many other glove materials. Vinyl is highly resistant to water-based solutions, oils and grease, dilute acids and alkalis, and some alcohols and ketones.  Moreover, due to this property of vinyl material, it finds use in medical examinations where there are risks of contact with bodily fluids like blood or saliva. It offers an ideal level of protection against infectious diseases such as HIV or hepatitis B, which can be encountered during certain medical practices like injections or sutures. 


Vinyl is naturally hypoallergenic as it does not contain proteins that can cause sensitivity reactions in some people who use latex glove products. This makes vinyl an excellent choice for clinicians who work with patients with latex allergies or skin sensitivities.

Effective Barrier

Vinyl also offers a highly effective barrier against infection transmission due to its multiple layers of strength, which resists punctures much better than other glove types; this reduces the risk of cross-contamination between members of staff and patients during treatment procedures while providing greater comfort levels overall.

Why you should buy vinyl gloves in bulk

Buying vinyl gloves in bulk is a great way to ensure you have enough disposable gloves for your business or home without spending an exorbitant amount of money. In addition, bulk orders are often cheaper per pair than smaller order sizes and will save you time and energy from repurchasing repeatedly. 

Bulk disposable gloves are an excellent choice for a variety of industries with large-scale glove needs, including: 

  • Medical
  • Food preparation
  • Plumbing
  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Janitorial
  • And more!

No matter your unique service, you need prices that work for your budget, high-quality materials you can trust, and protection that lasts all day. That’s where our products are perfect for the job. 

Where to Get the Best Bulk and Wholesale Vinyl Gloves

If you are looking for the best bulk and wholesale vinyl gloves, look no further than Gloves.com. We offer various vinyl gloves that come in different sizes and colors to suit your needs. Our products are known for their quality and long-lasting durability.

At Gloves.com, you find not only fantastic quality but also unbeatable prices! We guarantee the lowest prices and fastest shipping in the industry so you can receive your products quickly without sacrificing product quality or spending more money than necessary. We also provide excellent customer support to help you choose the right product according to your individual needs – something very valuable in today’s world as people look out to buy high-quality items at cost-effective prices!

What You Get When You Buy Wholesale Disposable Gloves from Us

No matter the number you order, whether you choose ten cases or an entire pallet, your orders always contain gloves made for comfort and performance. 

All of our gloves are designed to fit like the best latex glove, with a snug, stretchy fit across the hand and a loose cuff for easy application and removal. We also carry a variety of sizes, from small to XL, so you’ll always have gloves that fit your team. 

Industry leaders trust our gloves, including Johns Hopkins Hospital, Northwestern Hospital, and the Maryland Military Department. Our happy customers range from individuals to corporations to major government agencies. Best of all, we offer prices your organization can afford, so you never have to settle for less than you need. 

How to order in Bulk from Gloves.com

Getting the glove cases you need is easy. All you have to do is enter your information. Then, we’ll take it from there. 

Here’s how the process works: 

  • Fill out the order form, and be sure to include the quantity of gloves you'll need.
  • We'll contact you to help you find the right gloves for your needs.
  • We ship your gloves!

Yup, it really is that easy! So what are you waiting for? Order your vinyl gloves in bulk from Gloves.com today!