About Us

The What?

We had massive disruptions to global supply chains, and perhaps no such disruption has been more apparent than that pertaining to disposable gloves. Coupled with these supply chain disruptions, the unprecedented high demand for disposable gloves has spawned an influx of questionable or suspect quality gloves accompanied by certain misleading claims. As a result, many individuals and organizations who rely on quality disposable gloves for protection have been unable to secure them.

The Why?

Our mission is to make the securing of quality disposable gloves affordable, simple and fast for the increasing number of people who rely on them.

The How?

Gloves.com was established in 1993 and revamped in 2020 with a new team focused on providing disposable gloves to all users who need them. Thanks to our long-standing relationships with reputable manufacturers, we are able to provide a consistent supply of high-quality disposable gloves when you need them.