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Food Service Gloves

Disposable food service gloves are essential for preventing contamination so your staff and customers stay safe. We offer high-quality latex, vinyl, or nitrile gloves to keep your workplace clean and sanitary no matter your needs. All of our disposable gloves are powder-free to reduce mess, cross-contamination, and allergy risk.

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    Black Latex Gloves (Case of 1000) -
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    Black Latex Gloves

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    These disposable, thick latex gloves provide excellent barrier protection for most settings, including medical and dental, child care and senior c...

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Buy In Bulk to Save on Food Service Costs

Bulk food service gloves provide cost-effective protection. Running a business in the food industry means going through a lot of disposable gloves, so buying one box at a time gets expensive fast. With our affordable wholesale prices, you can stock up on the best disposable gloves for cooking and food service without cleaning out your bank account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are food service gloves the same as medical gloves?

No, medical gloves are held to a different standard of quality than food service gloves — the FDA mandates a rate of defects lower than 2.5% for medical exam gloves. Gloves for food handlers don’t have this requirement, though they do need to be impermeable, sanitary, and made of safe materials.

Can you use nitrile gloves for food service?

Nitrile gloves are an excellent choice for food service tasks because they’re highly durable and impermeable, great for stopping bacteria, skin oils, and allergens. They’re also harder to puncture than latex or vinyl gloves, ensuring that they stay food safe and sanitary longer.

Can non-sterile gloves be used for food prep?

Non-sterile gloves are perfectly safe for food prep as long as they’re impermeable, free of rips and punctures, and changed frequently. Sterile gloves are mainly used for invasive medical procedures like surgeries. The only difference between the two kinds of gloves is that sterile gloves have undergone treatments like gamma wave irradiation or autoclaving to ensure they’re completely free of bacteria. That level of disinfection isn’t necessary for food service.