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Medical Grade Gloves - Everything You Need to Know Before Your Next Purchase

medical grade gloves

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Need help finding quality medical grade gloves that protect against viruses, infections, and diseases? We’ve got you covered. Get everything you need to know before making your next purchase.

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Need help finding quality medical grade gloves that protect against viruses, infections, and diseases? We’ve got you covered. Get everything you need to know before making your next purchase.

What are Medical Grade Gloves?

Medical grade gloves, sometimes called exam grade gloves, were first designed for non-surgical procedures. Now, they are used in all areas of health care, from medical research labs to operating rooms.

A higher standard of testing is required based on acceptable quality limits (AQL) that is determined by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Gloves with fewer defects have a lower AQL score. 

Exam grade gloves require a lower AQL of 2.5 or less with only a few gloves detected with defects. The glove quality must be high enough to protect against infections and diseases. Manufacturers must also receive a 510K certification.

Who Uses Medical Grade Exam Gloves?

Medical grade gloves are worn by surgeons during surgery, medical lab technicians when handling hazardous materials and chemicals, and other medical personnel who might need protection. Exam-grade gloves are a vital form of protection for any industry with exposure to biological hazards. This ranges from caregivers, tattoo artists, and aestheticians to janitors, housekeeping staff, and childcare providers.

Anyone who comes in direct contact with blood pathogens or bodily fluids while caring for people or animals are required to wear exam gloves. Exam grade gloves are considered a necessity in areas with a higher risk of potential exposure. They effectively reduce the chances of becoming infected with blood borne pathogens after contact.

Medical Grade Exam Gloves vs Regular Exam Gloves

Medical grade exam gloves are different from regular gloves because they are made to provide extra strength and protection. The quality of a batch of gloves is measured as a percentage by AQL. Exam grade gloves must have an AQL of 2.5 or less. If a batch of gloves fails testing, they will be marked for industrial use only.

What are the Advantages of Exam Grade Gloves?

Exam grade gloves are typically more expensive than non-exam gloves, but this is a small price to pay for protection. Exam grade gloves offer increased protection against infections, chemicals and other dangerous substances. They also offer better overall skin protection and more dexterity than a non-exam glove.

What are the Disadvantages of Medical Grade Exam Gloves?

Medical safety has never been this important, but these prices add up quickly for businesses or individuals in healthcare professions. You will definitely pay more for these gloves because they are made from high quality materials and go through a lot of testing before being sold to consumers.

Exam Grade Glove Materials

Latex, nitrile, and vinyl are used in making exam-grade gloves. Only the powder-free versions can be purchased since the FDA banned the use of powdered exam-grade gloves in 2017. Here are some important considerations for each type of material used to manufacture medical gloves.

Latex Exam Gloves

Latex medical gloves are made from a natural rubber material offering high touch sensitivity, the most comfortable fit, and dexterity. They have been a standard choice in healthcare since the 1940's. A growing amount of latex allergies have moved health professionals more towards latex-free exam gloves. In the long term, it is safer to use a latex glove alternative, such as nitrile or vinyl, especially if you work with a lot of people.

Vinyl Exam Gloves

Vinyl medical gloves are a lower cost option than latex or nitrile, but they provide a looser fit. As an excellent latex-free glove option, this is good news for those who need to change gloves frequently. They are best used for short tasks and offer good protection against chemicals and biological fluids.

Nitrile Exam Gloves

Nitrile medical gloves offer the best fit without the worry of latex allergies. As one of the best latex glove alternatives, they conform to your hands nicely once reaching body temperature. Along with offering the best fit and feel, nitrile gloves are also highly chemically resistant.

What Makes Nitrile Gloves Medical Grade?

In order for nitrile gloves to be considered medical grade, they need to be strong enough to protect against blood borne pathogens. The AQL score determines if they are truly fit for medical use or better for industrial settings.

Why are Medical Grade Exam Gloves Listed as Non-Sterile?

Non-sterile gloves are used for most non-surgical procedures because they are less expensive while still remaining safe for both professionals and patients. Medical grade exam gloves listed as non-sterile are for non-surgical purposes. Sterile gloves are used for surgical procedures due to the higher risk of infection.

Food Safety Gloves

The superior quality of examination grade disposable gloves have made them popular for use in the food industry. While there are no formal government regulations for food service gloves, they must still comply with FDA regulations. 

Food service gloves do not require testing for an AQL score. But many professionals in the food service industry prefer to use medical grade gloves because of fewer perforations which can cause fewer illnesses related to food handling. The lower AQL score of medical grade gloves provides the best barrier of protection for your hands, food, and those who consume the handled food.

Foodborne illnesses can financially ruin any business involving food handling. Don't take that chance by using low quality hand protection that cannot protect against the spread of bacteria and virus effectively.

Medical Grade Gloves

No matter what type of medical gloves you choose, make sure they are labeled exam grade. The AQL score is necessary in order to be used for medical purposes.

Where Can I Find Medical Grade Gloves?

The best place to find medical grade gloves is from us! Our gloves offer exam grade protection and are tested by the American Society for Testing and Materials. They are also 501-K certified.  

Here is a list of our full selection of medical grade disposable gloves at unbeatable prices.

1. Medical Grade Nitrile Gloves

2. Medical Grade Synthetic Nitrile Gloves

3. Medical Grade Vinyl Gloves

4. Medical Grade Latex Gloves

We are proud to be trusted suppliers for a number of hospitals and military departments. Give us a try and experience the quality of our exam gloves for yourself.

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