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10 Best Nitrile Glove Suppliers in 2024

Who do you turn to when you need disposable nitrile gloves? If you need to buy bulk nitrile gloves — especially if you’ll need to stock up again and again — picking the right nitrile gloves suppliers could save you a lot of money, time, and frustration.

Who do you turn to when you need disposable nitrile gloves? If you’re grabbing a box of protective gloves for a one-time cleanup job, choosing a nitrile gloves suppliers might not make much difference.

But if you need to buy bulk nitrile gloves — especially if you’ll need to stock up again and again — picking the right nitrile gloves suppliers could save you a lot of money, time, and frustration.

Some companies that sell disposable gloves only carry a narrow selection, meaning you may be unable to find the proper protective equipment for your job or your workers. Others charge higher markups than necessary. And some suppliers may have the quality control you want when buying food service, medical, or industrial gloves.

We know the disposable glove supply industry like — well, like the back of our hand. For the past three decades, we’ve provided consumers and businesses with high-quality personal protective equipment. We’ll help you find the combination of quality and price your business needs by reviewing the top 8 nitrile glove suppliers.

A Note On the Term “Nitrile Glove Suppliers”

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Technically speaking, nitrile glove suppliers are the companies that provide raw materials to nitrile glove manufacturers.

However, we understand that when people search for nitrile glove suppliers they are usually looking for nitrile glove wholesalers or nitrile glove suppliers. In this guide, we’ll use the term “nitrile glove suppliers” to describe companies that sell nitrile gloves to retailers (and sometimes consumers), primarily in bulk.

For more information on the differences between glove suppliers, glove producers, and glove wholesalers, check out our guide to these differences.

Top Nitrile Glove Suppliers

1. Gloves.com

gloves.com logo

At Gloves.com, we think we’re the best nitrile glove suppliers in the industry for a few key reasons.

For one, we offer a versatile selection. Whether you need thin, flexible gloves, chemical-resistant gloves, or high-grip gloves, we’ve got them all across various brands.

We also stock nitrile gloves in a full range of sizes, from XS to XXL. A proper fit reduces the chances of the gloves slipping off or ripping when it matters most. We also carry gloves in a wide range of thicknesses, once again helping to ensure that your gloves won’t leak or tear at a critical moment.

To further guarantee safety, third-party labs test all nitrile glove brands we carry to verify that they meet our scrupulous quality control standards. Our exam-grade nitrile gloves all meet or exceed FDA safety requirements, so you can rest easy knowing you’re getting lab-quality protection.

These rigorous safety standards are essential when you’re counting on nitrile gloves for infection control or chemical resistance.

We also only sell latex-free and powder-free nitrile gloves to minimize the risk of allergic reactions or cross-contamination.

In addition, we’re proud to be able to offer you significant savings over typical retail rates, thanks to our longtime partnerships with manufacturers around the globe. And buying in bulk allows you to save even more by taking advantage of our wholesale prices.

As a bonus, any order of $99 or more qualifies for free expedited shipping. That way, you only pay for the gloves you need, not the cost of getting them to you.

Finally, our goal isn’t just to sell you disposable gloves. We want to make sure you’re getting the ones that best suit your needs and budget. That’s why we’ve created reams of informational resources to help answer questions like “How thick should my nitrile gloves be?” or “What makes gloves medical grade?

We’ve also organized our site to make it easy to shop for gloves based on professional application. Each product category page includes helpful background knowledge to help you understand exactly what you’re buying.

Shop nitrile gloves at Gloves.com

2. Thomas Scientific

Thomas Scientific homepage

As a leader in the laboratory supply industry, Thomas Scientific sells a wide variety of safety equipment, including disposable nitrile exam gloves. You can find many options on its site, including specialized types like sterile gloves for surgery or high-grip gloves for working with slippery materials.

Thomas’ sprawling catalog can be a bit tricky to navigate, though. It sells mainly to large institutional clients with a pretty good idea of what they’re searching for. If you don’t have a specific brand or style in mind, it’s not always easy to locate suitable nitrile gloves for your particular application.

You also may not get the best deals. Thomas won’t price-gouge you, but it doesn’t offer discounts for customers who buy nitrile gloves by the case rather than the box. Still, if you have a task with unusual requirements for PPE, this site is an excellent place to look.

Shop nitrile gloves at Thomas Scientific

3. Uline

Uline homepage

Uline is a major equipment supplier for industrial and shipping applications, including a robust selection of nitrile gloves. You can even get some interesting specialty products, such as nitrile gloves infused with aloe to help combat skin irritation.

The Uline website is easy to navigate and makes it simple to figure out what kinds of gloves you’ll need based on the work you’re doing.

Nitrile glove prices tend to be a bit higher than average with Uline. While the company does offer discounts on purchases of 10 or more boxes, you’ll have to pay all shipping and handling costs, no matter how much you order.

Uline also doesn’t offer the kind of detailed informational resources you get with companies like Gloves.com. This oversight can make it a little more challenging to determine whether you’re buying the best gloves for your purposes.

Shop nitrile gloves at Uline

4. Liberty Industries

Liberty Industries homepage

Liberty Industries is another specialized supplier, offering equipment of all kinds for clean rooms, laboratories, and other settings where infection control is critical. That means that, among other items, it sells durable nitrile medical gloves.

Buying from Liberty may be challenging, though. The company sells mainly to wholesalers, not end users, so you’ll most likely need to order substantial qualities for it to be worthwhile.

You also need to request a quote to get any information about pricing. The company doesn’t offer much information about its products beyond the bare-bones specifications, making it a little harder to purchase confidently.

Shop nitrile gloves at Liberty Industries

5. Sunline Supply

Sunline Supply logo

Sunline Supply is another specialized supplier similar to Liberty Industries and Thomas Scientific. The company sells a variety of PPE and healthcare products, including COVID tests, face masks, shoe covers, and, of course, nitrile gloves.

That variety makes this a convenient stop if you have other PPE and healthcare product needs, and the website’s auto-ship option adds even more convenience.

However, with only a few options, Sunline Supply has a limited selection of disposable nitrile gloves compared to nitrile glove suppliers who specialize in gloves, like Gloves.com, and even compared to other healthcare and PPE wholesalers like Liberty Industries.

Unfortunately, if you have specialized needs for your nitrile gloves, the odds are good that Sunline Supply won’t have gloves suitable for your purposes.

In addition, it only sells by the case on its website, which isn’t the most convenient if you don’t go through gloves quickly or only have limited storage space. Shipping prices can also be quite steep.

Shop nitrile gloves at Sunline Supply

6. My Glove Depot

My Glove Depot logo

Like Gloves.com, My Glove Depot is, first and foremost, a glove retailer. It does sell a few accessories, like glove dispensers and face masks, but disposable gloves are its primary product category.

My Glove Depot has a competitive selection, and its website is well organized, making it easy to find what you need.

Like Sunline Supply, My Glove Depot only sells by the case. It claims that this model allows it to streamline its processes, but unfortunately, its pricing isn’t as competitive as its selection. It also doesn’t appear to offer additional savings for buying in bulk.

Shop nitrile gloves at My Glove Depot

7. Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies

Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies logo

Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies is, as the name suggests, a lab and safety supplier. It sells a wide array of products within this niche, including an impressive variety of nitrile gloves in various colors, thicknesses, and brands.

The website is easy to navigate and makes it easy to narrow your options based on the features that are most important to you. Most of Harmony’s nitrile gloves are available for purchase by the box or the case.

However, the prices are on the higher end, both for the products themselves and for shipping. Harmony does offer bulk discounts, but you have to get a quote to find out about your options.

Shop nitrile gloves at Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies

8. London Labs

London Labs logo

London Labs is a suppliers that specializes in medical-grade equipment. While it also sells hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes, its stock consists primarily of gloves.

The company offers a varied selection and provides free delivery with no minimum purchase amount. However, its website isn’t very well organized, making it difficult to compare all of your nitrile glove options.

Depending on which style you choose, you may be able to purchase by the box or by the case, which is great for buyers of all different quantities. Unfortunately, you have to request a quote to get wholesale prices, which adds a layer of inconvenience to your purchase.

Shop nitrile gloves at London Labs

9. GRJ Gloves

GRJ Gloves logo

GRJ Gloves is a medical and personal protective equipment suppliers specializing in nitrile and latex gloves. It offers a decent selection, though less extensive than some other nitrile glove suppliers we recommend here, especially other suppliers specializing in gloves, like Gloves.com.

In addition, its website doesn’t allow you to view nitrile and latex gloves separately, so you’ll need to take care to ensure that you’re ordering gloves made from the correct material.

GRJ only sells its gloves by the case, making it easy to meet the minimum $99 order amount to qualify for free shipping. GRJ Gloves also offers additional savings for customers who sign up for subscriptions to be automatically sent more gloves every one, two, three, four, or eight weeks.

Shop nitrile gloves at GRJ Gloves

10. ERC Wiping Products

ERC Wiping Products logo

Our last recommended nitrile glove supplier is ERC Wiping Products. It primarily focuses on things like rags, towels, and wipes but also sells disposable gloves. This nitrile glove supplier offers a good range of styles, and the website is easy to use.

ERC Wiping Products is best for customers looking to buy large quantities; the larger, the better. It only sells gloves by the case, with bulk pricing starting relatively low, at only four or five cases, depending on the exact product. Buying even larger quantities leads to more considerable savings.

For the most part, these savings are applied automatically, but if you’re buying in huge quantities, you can contact ERC Wiping Products for specialized pricing. However, prices aren’t all that competitive, especially if you don’t qualify for bulk deals.

Shop nitrile gloves at ERC Wiping Products


Whether you're a healthcare professional, a laboratory technician, or spend your day handling food, choosing the right supplier can significantly impact your daily operations. Remember, a reliable supplier goes beyond just supplying gloves; it contributes to your workplace’s overall safety and efficiency.

Fortunately, you can find the nitrile gloves you need at Gloves.com. Our easy-to-navigate catalog and expert advice will help you zero in on the perfect pair for any task, and our affordable bulk prices let you restock without breaking the bank.

Visit our nitrile glove collection page to get started, or contact a sales representative to determine a pricing plan that meets your needs!