How To Know Your Glove Size

How To Know Your Glove Size (A Complete Glove Sizing Guide)

Get comfortable and good-fitting gloves by learning how to measure glove size and hand size like a pro. We included the step-by-step process to help you!

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Many people are ordering and using the wrong size of gloves. This is ok if you are going to wear gloves for fashion. The glove size and fit don’t matter as long as you are comfortable.

However, if you are ordering specialized gloves for industrial, food, and/or medical industries, size and fit matter! The glove size should be accurate and fit your hands to prevent any injuries and health problems.

It is difficult to find good-fitting gloves. This guide will help you determine your glove size without any problems. Let's start!

Why Is Glove Size Important?

Safety gloves are included in the personal protective equipment (PPE) category. They are worn to prevent cross-contamination and injuries in the workplace. It is absolutely necessary that your gloves fit your hands.

Here are 3 main reasons why you need an accurate glove size.


The main function of gloves is hand protection. If it's too big or loose, some fluids and chemicals might get inside your gloves, spreading viruses, bacteria, germs, etc. Which should never happen in the food and medical industries.

In addition, loose gloves can get caught in tools, equipment, and machinery, putting your hands at risk of injuries and problems.

If you have the proper gloves sizes, you can prevent the spread of contagious diseases, injuries, and problems.


Too tight or small glove size can hinder your hands' and fingers’ movement and dexterity. You won’t be able to move your fingers freely, and it causes hand fatigue. While loose gloves can fall out or slide when you move your hands. Also, it will decrease your grip capacity, which can be dangerous to you, your colleagues, or your patients.

The correct glove size will allow you to move your hands without worry, hassle, fatigue, or injuries.


Too loose or too tight gloves are very uncomfortable to wear and use. You will have to worry if your gloves slide or fall when doing your work.

There are lots of industries that require gloves. Ensuring you and/or your people are comfortable and safe while working is important. It also improves your and your people’s morale and productivity.

What Is the Average Hand size?

The human hand is a complex and detailed part of the body. It has muscles, tendons, and 27 bones in each hand. The muscles will differ depending on how often the hands are used and the tasks performed. As a result, the hand sizes will differ from person to person.

Also, the age and gender of the person affect the size of their hands.

In general, the length, palm circumference, and width will identify the hand size. Hands come in different sizes and shapes, but the average hand size for adult men and women is as follows:

  • Men
    • Length: 7.6 in or 19.3 cm
    • Width: 3.5 in or 8.9 cm
    • Palm Circumference: 8.6 in or 21.8 cm
  • Women
    • Length: 6.8 in or 17.3 cm
    • Width: 3.1 in or 7.9
    • Palm Circumference: 7.0 in or 17.8 cm

What Is the Average Glove Size?

The average glove size for men and women is medium. This is if the glove size offers men's and women’s options. However, if the gloves you are purchasing are unisex, you can go medium-large for men and small-medium for women.

How To Measure Your Glove Size

To ensure your gloves fit and are comfortable, you must measure your hand and choose the right size. Here’s how!

Glove Size Chart

It is important to remember that each glove manufacturer and producer might have their own size chart. That is why, this glove size chart might differ for each glove brand. In addition, unisex gloves will have a different size chart.

Before you purchase your gloves, it is best to get your measurements and check their glove sizing chart.









6.5 - 7.5


6 - 6.5



7.5 - 8.5


6.5 - 7



8.5 - 9.5


7 - 7.5



9.5 - 10.5


7.5 - 8



10.5 - 11.5


8 - 8.5



11.5 - 12.5


Glove Sizing Step-by-Step Process

To get the correct glove size, you need to take your hand’s measurements. Here are the steps:

    1. Get a fabric tape measure. Measure the palm circumference of your dominant hand.
    2. Place the “0” of the measuring tape just above the inside of your thumb. This is the space between your index finger and thumb.
    3. Wrap the measuring tape around your palm. Make sure the measuring tape is straight.
    4. Check the number where “0” overlaps. That is the glove measurement you need to identify the size of your gloves.
    5. Using this measurement, check the glove sizing chart.

Glove Sizing FAQs

These are the most commonly asked questions about glove size.

Should gloves be too tight or loose?

If the gloves you are wearing are too big or larger gloves, there is a risk of it slipping or getting caught in machinery and equipment, which can be dangerous. While if it's too tight, the gloves will limit the movement of your hands and fingers. As a result, it will decrease your efficiency, dexterity, and productivity.

Does the glove material affect the glove size?

Sometimes. Remember, each glove manufacturer and producer will have their own glove sizing chart. This is already adjusted to the materials they used in their gloves.

If you want to be sure the gloves will fit you perfectly, it is crucial to learn how to measure glove size. The glove sizing chart will include the measurements for each size, making it easier for you to purchase the perfect glove sizes.

What to do if the gloves have liners?

If you are purchasing a pair of gloves with liners, you can rely on the glove sizing chart on our website. It is already adjusted with the built-in lining. However, if you have separate liners, always size up (1 or 2) depending on the thickness of your liners.

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