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Are you looking for a reliable and affordable supply of bulk exam gloves? Wholesale exam gloves guarantee a constant supply at the lowest price.  Gloves.com only stocks the highest quality disposable gloves on the market, whether you’re looking for nitrile, latex, or vinyl gloves. If you’re in the medical industry and looking for a better exam gloves solution, we offer the cheapest price and fastest delivery times  — guaranteed!



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After trying many different type of gloves from amazon, finally found ones with good fit and quality. Would recommend!


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Whether you’re a healthcare worker, a business owner, or a home carer, we can supply exam gloves in bulk — however many you need.

We provide an extensive range of wholesale exam gloves, including nitrile, latex, and vinyl, in various thicknesses, and we understand that if you work in the medical field, having a constant supply of exam gloves is essential for you and your patients’ safety.

In a time when everything costs more, making savings where you can is essential to good business — and buying wholesale exam gloves can help you do exactly that.

We offer exam gloves in various sizes, shapes, and materials that cater to every type of medical use instance and only stock gloves that meet industry standards. Whether you’re looking for sterile or non-sterile, extra small or XXL, powdered or powder-free — we stock them all.

Want to try before you buy? Request samples from our sales team, and when you’re ready for your first bulk buy, orders over $99 get you free shipping, for an even greater cost reduction per glove.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between nitrile and latex exam gloves?

Both nitrile and latex exam gloves are common in the medical industry. Latex gloves offer more tactile sensitivity. However, people with allergies to latex must avoid them. Nitrile gloves are more durable and resistant to chemicals. They don’t affect people with latex allergies but also don’t offer the same level of sensitivity.

What is the difference between exam gloves and surgical gloves?

Both exam gloves and surgical gloves are used in medical settings. Surgical gloves are required to be sterile, while exam gloves are available in sterile and non-sterile varieties. Exam gloves are more likely to be used during basic medical exams that require skin contact, while surgical gloves will be used in more medically severe instances.

Are exam-grade and medical-grade gloves the same?

Yes. Medical gloves and exam gloves are the same thing. They both meet the industry standards for use in medical settings, including hospitals, laboratories, and nursing homes.

Do exam gloves need to be sterile?

No. Unlike surgical gloves, exam gloves do not need to be sterile — however, they always come out of the box free of contaminants, provided they are stored correctly.

Do exam gloves expire?

Yes. Exam gloves expire. You can check your box of exam gloves to find the use-by date.

Where can I buy exam gloves cheap?

Buying in bulk from a reputable wholesaler is often the best choice. Exam gloves should always meet industry standards, and choosing a reputable supplier like Gloves.com ensures you get the best price without sacrificing quality.

What is the best wholesale price for exam gloves?

Gloves.com offers a best-price guarantee, so if you’re looking for wholesale exam gloves, you know you can always get the best wholesale price from us.