Bulk Surgical Gloves

Looking for the best way to save money on essential supplies like surgical gloves? One of the easiest ways to ensure you’re always getting the best available price is by bulk-buying your gloves. Gloves.com offers an extensive collection of disposable medical gloves and bulk surgical gloves to meet your needs — and we guarantee the best possible price.



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We only stock the best in the industry, and all of our products are made to the highest standards. Surgical gloves might look like any other disposable gloves, but they undergo a much more rigorous manufacturing process to provide higher sensitivity and precision.

Higher precision allows you to perform your job without losing sensitivity or accuracy, which is essential for medical environments. At Gloves.com, we stock every available size of wholesale surgical gloves, offering the perfect fit for each medical professional to ensure precision and accuracy remain at their peak.

Whether you’re looking for nitrile, latex, or vinyl disposable gloves, our collection of sterile and non-sterile gloves has you covered. We offer an extensive range of colors, sizes, and thicknesses to ensure you always have the right glove for the job at hand.

Take advantage of the convenience of free shipping on orders over $99, and enjoy our lowest price and fastest shipping guarantee.

If you work in the medical industry, chances are you’re using multiple pairs of gloves numerous times a day, and the cost of that diligence can quickly add up. Buying your surgical gloves wholesale saves you money and means you can easily stock up on the essential supplies you need for your medical practice.

Still trying to decide if bulk-buying surgical gloves is the right move for your business? Request some samples and experience the quality we offer firsthand before you commit to a bulk order.

Two surgeons wearing sterile gowns and gloves and doing a surgical operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are examination gloves the same as surgical gloves?

Medical gloves are divided into two main categories: examination and surgical. Examination gloves can be sterile or non-sterile; however, surgical gloves will always be sterile.

How much do surgical gloves cost?

The price of surgical gloves can vary, mainly depending on the material they are made from and the quality of their construction. Nitrile is the most expensive basic disposable glove material, but buying in bulk from a good wholesaler like Gloves.com can significantly reduce the ongoing costs of choosing quality.

How many pairs of surgical gloves are in a box?

The glove count per box depends on the box you buy. We offer a wide range of glove capacity choices, from large institutional boxes to smaller boxes for personal use. All of our boxes specify the number of gloves they contain, both on the packet and in the catalog description, so you always know exactly what you’re getting exactly.

Where can I buy surgical gloves cheaply?

Buying cheap gloves doesn’t always mean getting the best protection level, even if you’re meeting industry standards. The cheapest way to buy surgical gloves is to buy them in bulk from reputable wholesalers like Gloves.com with FDA-approved products and take advantage of volume discounts.

What is the best wholesale price for surgical gloves?

How much you spend on surgical gloves can vary. However, when you buy from Gloves.com, you know you’re getting the best price thanks to our price-matching guarantee — with industry-leading delivery speed baked into the same promise.

Do surgical gloves expire?

Yes, eventually. Latex gloves have a lifespan of around three years, provided they’re stored safely, while nitrile and vinyl gloves can last up to five or even ten years with proper storage.

Can surgical gloves be reused?

Surgical gloves should never be reused in any circumstance, as the sterile barrier cannot be relied upon.