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Tattoo Gloves

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If you're a professional tattoo artist, then you ​may be running on a tight budget when it comes to purchasing equipment or materials. In this case, you will want to make sure that you're buying a pack of tattoo gloves that offer the highest value for the money.

What are Tattoo Gloves?

A tattoo glove is something that every tattoo artist should own. During the process of applying tattoos, they provide protection against getting ink on their hands. These gloves also protect the wearer's hands while doing other tasks such as mixing colors or cleaning equipment.

Here are a few more things an artist should consider when selecting disposable gloves.

  1. They must be safe from punctures and durable enough to last a long time.
  2. The artist needs to have enough hand movement to do their work with excellence. 
  3. Glove comfort is highly important for wearing at longer periods of time.
  4. They should offer high protection from transmission of bloodborne pathogens, bacteria, disease, bodily fluids, and viruses.

Medical grade tattoo gloves are specially designed to ensure bloodborne pathogen and chemical protection while still offering excellent dexterity, and tactile sensitivity. Latex-free and chemical resistant varieties are safe for long term use, especially for people with a latex allergy. For these reasons, powder free black nitrile gloves are the most popular choice for tattooing gloves.

Gloves that are at least 4 millimeters thick still allow artists to operate delicate instruments with precision. You don't have to worry about them ripping in the middle of work. Even with the high level of hand protection that they provide, tattoo gloves still provide great comfort to the wearer.

Why Should You Tattoo With Gloves?

All tattoo professionals need personal protective equipment in the form of gloves. They protect both your work environment and your customers. Since tattoo inks are messy, gloves help keep you clean, too.

Quality disposable gloves are used by tattooists to protect themselves and their clients from bacterial transmission and infections. The tattoo professional is able to come in contact with the client's skin and use equipment during long sessions without fear of being exposed to harmful substances. Without this protection, an inflammation of the tattoo would occur in a matter of minutes.

What Could Happen If You Tattoo Someone Without Any Gloves?

A pair of medical-grade gloves is required for inking and shading clients while working with needles. Understanding the risks and consequences of cross-contamination is important for you and your customers. Gloves provide safety against dirt, germs, and disease.

It is essential that your work area is also protected. Before touching equipment with a new pair of gloves, all surfaces need to be cleaned and disinfected. The disposable gloves should be thrown away if anything is touched. Change the gloves you wear between clients and when a puncture or tear occurs. Every time you return to the tattoo gun, disinfect and put on a new pair of gloves.

What Kind of Gloves Do You Use for Tattooing?

Black nitrile gloves are the best tattoo gloves due to their dark color, good comfort, and durability. Nitrile gloves are 100% rubber latex free and powder free, which eliminates potential allergic reactions.

Why Do Tattoo Artists Choose Black Gloves?

Not only are black gloves a cool look for tattoo parlors, they serve another purpose as well - tattooing can be messy, and the black color hides the ink mess while keeping everyone clean and protected in the process.

Black gloves are resistant to ink stains, color leaks, and grease. The dark color hides the messiness of ink which looks more professional. The black color makes it easier to see where the needle goes into the skin. This helps prevent accidental pricks and cuts. In addition, the black color allows the artist to easily spot any tears or holes in the glove.

We also offer powder free black nitrile gloves in bulk to make sure you never run out, especially when your artwork is high in demand.

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