The Reasons Why Tattoo Artists Wear Black Gloves

The Reasons Why Tattoo Artists Wear Black Gloves

Have you ever wondered why tattoo artists wear black gloves not blue, white, or other colors? Here are the reasons and how to look for quality nitrile gloves.

Have you ever wondered why tattoo artists wear black gloves, not white, blue, or other colors? There are many reasons tattoo artists typically wear black gloves. Mainly, it's because of the material which affects the color of the tattoo artist's gloves. 

Black tattoo gloves are typically made from nitrile, which is known to be highly durable and offers superior puncture resistance, precision, and comfort. This is the perfect material for tattoo artists, which handles a tattoo machine with sharp needles. 

In addition, spilled ink will not be too obvious on black tattoo gloves, and they really look cool and sleek. Aside from these, we listed 5 reasons why tattoo artists wear black gloves. Let’s start!

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Should tattoo artists use gloves?

Yes! Definitely, yes! 

Most respectable and famous tattoo artists use black disposable gloves to protect themselves and their clients. Tattoo artists use needles, dyes, and inks to make art on their clients' skin. This includes blood which might contain bacteria, germs, and viruses. Hence, cross-contamination can happen.

In order to protect themselves and their clients, tattoo artists wear durable, puncture-resistant, and medical-grade gloves.

Top 5 Reasons Why Tattoo Artists Wear Black Gloves

Aside from looking sleek and hygienic, tattoo artists wear gloves for other reasons. Here are the top 5 reasons why tattoo artists wear black gloves to make their art.


Because blood is common in tattooing, the studio should be as clean and sanitized as hospitals and dental clinics. Sterile disposable black tattoo gloves prevent and decrease the chances of cross-contamination and spreading various health problems.

      • For the tattoo artists: The best tattoo gloves will protect the tattoo artists from contact dermatitis. This is where the artists can experience dry, flaky skin, oozing blisters, itchiness, and hives. Wearing sterile and durable black tattoo nitrile gloves will protect the artist from contact dermatitis, allergens, bodily fluids, and blood.
      • For the clients: Changing the best tattoo gloves in between clients will decrease the chances of cross-contamination and transferring of viruses, diseases, infections, or colds from your client to the next.


To make art on the skin, the tattoo artists will have to use a tattoo gun with a pointy end. Typical and low-quality gloves won’t be able to provide excellent puncture protection. The best type of tattoo gloves that can offer superior puncture protection is Black Nitrile Gloves.

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In addition, wearing tattoo artist gloves will prevent inks and dyes from getting into the wrong place.


The tattoo process involves excellent skills and precision. The tattoo artist's gloves need to be comfortable enough to be used for hours without hindering the movement and dexterity of the artist. Also, the artist will need to put pressure on the tattoo gun to control how deep the needles should go into the client’s skin.

The black tattoo gloves need to be in the right size to be comfortable.

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Legal Requirements

There are certain rules, laws, and regulations in tattooing. This includes wearing disposable gloves and replacing them from client to client. 

To avoid lawsuits and fines, artists need to wear durable disposable gloves.


Similar to hospitals and dental clinics, a tattoo shop has to follow strict hygiene guidelines. By wearing black tattoo gloves, you will show your clients that you put their safety first. This will also attract new, potential clients.

Choosing the Right Gloves for Us

Because tattoo artists handle sharp objects, not just any disposable gloves will do. Here are things to consider when choosing the right tattoo artists’ gloves for you!


Not all gloves are made from the same material and quality. Here are the three best tattoo gloves made from different materials:

  • Latex Gloves: These types of gloves are the most accessible and affordable. Latex gloves are durable, stretchy, and comfortable to wear. However, some people are sensitive or have an allergic reaction to latex. Hence, latex gloves might not be ideal for them.
  • Vinyl Gloves: These gloves are sturdy and comfortable to wear for hours. Vinyl gloves offer better protection against oils, chemicals, and other materials than latex gloves. However, vinyl gloves are thicker and can hinder the artist's precision.
  • Nitrile Gloves: Nitrile gloves are stronger and more comfortable to wear than latex and vinyl gloves. In addition, they are thinner, which is good for dexterity and precision.

Fit & Comfort

The best tattoo gloves for tattoo artists should not be too loose or too tight. If the black tattoo gloves are too tight, it will cause hand fatigue. And tattooing process takes hours, depending on the size and complexity of the design. 

On the other hand, loose tattoo artist gloves might get caught in the tattoo machine or slide when the artist is doing his/her art. This is also inconvenient and uncomfortable.

It is best to order the right size of black tattoo gloves to ensure comfort, fit, and precision.


Tattooing involves superior dexterity, especially if the design is complicated and intricate. The best tattoo gloves should provide excellent dexterity to ensure the tattoo will look exactly like the design and the client will be satisfied with the outcome.


The widely used type of disposable gloves for tattooing are black tattoo gloves. This is because blood, dye, and tattoo ink are not as visible in black color.

What to do if the person doing your tattoo doesn't have black gloves on?

If you notice your tattoo artist is not wearing black nitrile gloves, you can ask them to wear one. Of course, disposable gloves come in different colors. Your tattoo artist might be wearing different colored gloves. You can ask them about the type of disposable gloves they are wearing, especially if you have allergies.

Professional and reputable tattoo artists will always wear durable and comfortable disposable gloves and replace them after every client.

Black Gloves: Final Thoughts

Order Black Nitrile Gloves For Tattooing

Order Black Nitrile Gloves For Tattooing!

Basically, tattoo artist gloves are a must for all artists to ensure safety, protection, and professionalism. There might be different types of disposable gloves available in the market, but not all are ideal for tattooing. Remember, the artists will need to handle needs and a tattoo gun which can pierce into the gloves. If they are not durable and offer puncture resistance, the client and the artists will not be safe from contamination.

The best black nitrile gloves are made from nitrile which offers superior protection against puncture, chemicals, residue, and bodily fluids compared to latex and vinyl gloves. They are very durable but not too thick which helps increase the dexterity, flexibility, and precision of the artist. Hence, nitrile gloves are the best type of gloves for the tattooing process.

Because tattooing involves using sharp objects like needles, the best tattoo gloves is black tattoo gloves made from nitrile.

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