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Why Nitrile Gloves are Best for People with Latex Allergies

Why Nitrile Gloves are Best for People with Latex Allergies

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Disposable protective gloves made of latex have been widely used throughout the years. However, this type of glove poses a big issue that can’t be ignored – users with allergies are at risk while utilizing them. For this reason, companies and organizations of various industries, as well as individuals, have been seeking out the best gloves for people with latex allergies.

If you or any of your employees suffer allergic reactions from this material, we know you’re eager to find a solution. With that said, here’s a quick summary that details our recommendation for great alternative:

Which gloves are best for people with latex allergies? Those who suffer from latex sensitivities should use gloves made of nitrile to avoid being exposed to the allergy-producing natural rubber proteins found in latex. Nitrile is 100 percent latex-free and extremely durable, which makes it a safe alternative for hand protection.

Why is it Important to Wear Latex-Free Gloves?

If you have ever experienced latex allergy symptoms, you know how uncomfortable it can be, as well as distracting while in the workplace. Finding an alternative is the best thing you could do for yourself and your team members. To understand the importance of avoiding this material, we will start with an overview of what this type of allergy can consist of:

What is a Latex Allergy?

An individual is labeled as having a latex allergy when they experience certain negative physical reactions to the natural rubber proteins that it's made of. When exposed to latex, their body’s defense system is triggered because it identifies the material as a harmful substance. When this occurs, chemicals such as histamine are released, and in turn, produce unwanted symptoms. This can happen when the latex comes into contact with the skin, accidentally inhaled or ingested. Latex Products May Cause the Following Symptoms:

Severe Cases May Include:

As you can see, exposing yourself or your staff to latex can produce mild to severe symptoms depending on the person’s sensitivity. Your best line of defense is to not take the risk and switch to latex-free nitrile gloves. An additional reason that latex-free gloves should be worn is because those who do not have allergies to this material can easily develop one. When home users or professionals expose themselves to latex, over a period of time, they can develop an allergy to it. Because of this, it’s best to use an alternative form of hand protection.

What industries requiring hand protection are most impacted by latex allergies?

In reality, all industries that require glove use are impacted – medical, food industry, law enforcement, cleaning services, auto shops, factory workers, dentists, and more. This is because a large part of the population is allergic to latex. However, there are a few industries that can be hit especially hard with these type of allergy issues. This would be the healthcare, dental, and food industry.

Healthcare professionals and dental workers not only have to worry if they are allergic, but the patients that they frequently touch are a concern as well. Imagine doctors and nurses that work in an emergency room having to handle patients that are rushed in, with no knowledge if the patient is allergic to latex or not. If you happen to be a nurse, you will be interested in reading our article that describes which type of glove is better for you line of work - nitrile or latex.

Food preparation professionals touch the food items that will be eaten by others. If traces of latex attach to the food, and it’s consumed by an intolerant person, there could be severe side effects. Since nitrile gloves are better for people with this type of allergy, it would be an especially wise alternative to latex in cases such as these. Additionally, it's not enough to just wash your hands after handling certain foods. You can find out why after you dive into our popular article titled - Nitrile Gloves or Hand Washing Only - Which Keeps the Hands Cleaner?

What Makes Nitrile the Best Non-Latex Glove Alternative?

Now that you have a full understanding of latex allergies, and you’re aware of the symptoms that can occur, you most likely want to avoid using it altogether. With that in mind, let’s talk about the best hand protection for those with latex sensitivities, which is nitrile gloves.

Nitrile Gloves are 100 Percent Latex-Free

Nitrile disposable gloves are created out of synthetic rubber and are 100 percent latex-free. This means that wearing hand protection made of this material will eliminate the risk and worry of possible adverse side effects, making nitrile a good substitution.

Nitrile Offers Other Superior Benefits that Outperform Latex

Being completely latex-free makes nitrile a great alternative, but there are additional reasons why they are the hand covering of choice. For starters, nitrile gloves are better than other hand protection products on the market due to their chemical resistance. For instance, latex does not hold up to chemicals as well as nitrile does. Hazardous chemicals should be kept away from the skin at all times, and nitrile-based products make sure of this. Also, they are completely waterproof, and have superior tear and puncture resistance. Here’s an impressive summary of what makes nitrile the best choice:

Read our post on why nitrile gloves are better than latex for additional information on this topic. We have also created a comprehensive comparison that covers all points regarding nitrile vs latex gloves.

Choose Nitrile Non-Allergenic Gloves for Safety and Peace of Mind

Whether you’re seeking out the best gloves to replace your current supply in an effort to protect your staff, or looking into disposable hand covering for the first time, you’re on the right path to keeping everyone safe. Choosing the appropriate protection can make a significant difference health-wise, as well as have a positive impact on productivity. It just makes sense not to even consider using latex when so much is at stake. Overall, nitrile is clearly the best alternative!

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