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Best Disposable Gloves for Sensitive Skin

Best Disposable Gloves for Sensitive Skin

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Disposable gloves are a vital part of ensuring the safety of your hands across different industries and professions. Whether you are working in food preparation, at a chemical manufacturing plant or in healthcare, the best disposable gloves can help protect your skin from chemicals and contaminants that may be harmful. 

However, these disposable gloves can also cause skin reactions in some people with sensitive skin. This is why picking out the wrong pair of disposable gloves for sensitive skin can lead to some serious problems - like irritation and rashes. 

In this article, we round up the main reasons why those disposable gloves may be causing allergic reactions, as well as a few tips for finding best disposable gloves for sensitive skin that will work for you.

Why Wearing Disposable Gloves Causes Hand Allergies

When latex gloves first hit the market, they were a major step forward in medical safety. As the first disposable rubber gloves developed for use in medical facilities, they are still the most popular option due to their comfortable fit and high level of protection. These rubber gloves are also known for its ability to allow those wearing the gloves to feel and touch very small objects, such as needles and syringes.

People with latex allergies may have an adverse reaction to these gloves. The allergy is most prevalent in people who are repeatedly exposed to the material, such as healthcare workers. In fact, up to 17% of healthcare workers have developed hypersensitivity because of frequent exposure.

If you have latex allergy, you are often sensitive to the proteins and chemicals within the rubber which can cause itchiness, hives, blistering and dermatitis of the hands or even anaphylaxis in extreme cases.  The symptoms can range from moderate to severe. Your body’s response is determined by your latex sensitivity and the amount you were exposed to. With each additional exposure, your sensitivity may even worsen.

Having sensitive skin shouldn't keep you from protecting your hands from getting dirty. There are disposable gloves specifically made for those with sensitive skin. Save yourself from a painful rash and buy a pair of the best disposable gloves for sensitive skin. After using these products, you may notice your skin isn't irritating or red at all, or has less sensitivity.

The Best Latex Free Gloves 

Allergies are becoming more common, often as a result of not wearing latex-free disposable gloves. It is easier to be safe than sorry, so many workplaces and medical facilities have replaced their gloves with latex free ones that offer the same protection and strength. The change has helped lower rates of latex allergies and skin irritations in those environments.

Convenience overrides the risk of latex allergy. When choosing disposable gloves for sensitive skin, latex free gloves are better and a safer option for sensitive skin, and can encourage more comfortable daily tasks.  These gloves are not only allergy-free, but have been dermatologically tested to be gentle on sensitive skin.

Aside from those with sensitive skin, latex free gloves are recommended as well as to health care workers, rubber industry workers, anyone who’s undergone multiple medical procedures, and anyone with a history of allergies

Two of the most popular options for sensitive-skin-friendly gloves include synthetic rubbers like nitrile and vinyl.

Nitrile Gloves 

Nitrile gloves offer advantages over latex gloves, including better puncture resistance, greater chemical resistance, and superior protection against certain allergies. Disposable nitrile gloves are free of latex proteins. They are three times more puncture-resistant and offer greater protection against chemicals, acids, oils, and hazardous substances. These powder-free gloves have a snug, comfortable fit and are ideal for medical facilities as well as jobs that require protection of hands from sharp objects or against cuts and abrasions because they resist tears and offer superior protection against contaminants. 

Made from synthetic rubber a blend, nitrile is skin friendly, powder free, and even considered a hypoallergenic material. Because the glove is powder free, it also helps prevent allergic dermatitis. It’s an economical choice for a large segment of users.

Nitrile gloves are an excellent alternative to latex gloves for any users with existing skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, those who are allergic to latex, or anyone with severe skin sensitivity

Vinyl Gloves 

These gloves provide an effective barrier protection for those with sensitive skin. These gloves offer comfort with great elasticity while remaining snug and tight on the hand. Made of polyvinyl chloride, disposable vinyl gloves are perfect for protecting your sensitive skin from dirt, grime, and bacteria.

Although vinyl gloves are shorter lasting than latex gloves and are more porous, they are an affordable option for those who only need gloves for short-term wear or work with mildly hazardous materials. It provides a snug fit as well as a sensitive touch and improved dexterity to complete any task.

Frequently used in the food industry, patients with sensitive skin and healthcare professionals, these gloves are a great option for protecting your hands from bacteria. Hypoallergenic vinyl gloves are also great for protecting your hands without  irritation to your skin.

Which is the best glove?

When deciding between vinyl and nitrile gloves, consider how you’ll be using them.  Vinyl gloves are an affordable option for everyday use.  Nitrile gloves, however, offer additional protection for chemicals or sharp objects, and have a longer shelf life. After all, the best gloves are those appropriate to your activity and protect your skin whether you use vinyl gloves or nitrile gloves. 

When choosing, remember to look for those made out of materials proven to be durable and can withstand the test of time so you can use them in various activities. It will be economical to have one brand of disposable glove that you can use for gardening, washing the dishes, and is proven safe. This means the product has higher resistance, incredible strength, puncture-proof, and gives full protection from harmful gasses, chemicals, and other hazardous substances. Other considerations are its quality, great value for money, comfortable fit, and contoured or textured edges for improved grip.

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