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Your Guide to Finding the Best Medical Glove Brands

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In healthcare, precision and safety both take front seats — especially when it comes down to hygiene. Personal protective equipment (PPE) plays a paramount role in the medical industry, more so than ever since the pandemic began in 2020, and medical glove brands have taken notice.

Medical gloves have always played an essential role in healthcare environments, and finding suitable gloves for the job at hand is critical to the continued safety of medical professionals and their patients.

From routine examinations to more complex surgical procedures, the gloves you choose can significantly affect how you perform specific tasks. The medical gloves industry produces many different types of gloves — mainly examination gloves, medical gloves, and surgical gloves. But what are the differences between these types?

“Medical gloves” is an umbrella term for all gloves made for use within the medical industry — it encompasses exam gloves and medical gloves. Both are available in four primary materials: neoprene, nitrile, latex, and vinyl.

Nitrile gloves are considered the most robust disposable gloves and are popular in the medical industry for their durability and chemical resistance.

Latex gloves, however, are particularly elastic and comfortable, making them an excellent choice for prolonged wear, such as during surgery. That said, a small percentage of the population experiences latex allergies, meaning such gloves are only suitable for some clinicians or patients.

The main difference between exam gloves and surgical gloves is that surgical gloves are always delivered sterile. Sterile gloves undergo a much more vigorous manufacturing process, with increased quality control checks and specific decontamination.

Sterile medical gloves are manufactured in a cleanroom-like environment before being industrially sterilized and individually wrapped to maintain sterility during transport and storage.

Outside view of a sterile operating room while medical professionals performing a surgerical operation.

Surgical gloves are offered in a broader range of more precise sizing than medical gloves, offering enhanced sensitivity and dexterity, which are essential for medical professionals performing surgical procedures.

Exam gloves can also be purchased sterilized; however, most aren’t. Unlike surgical gloves, exam gloves are used for less-invasive procedures like patient exams when the chances of cross-contamination from bodily fluids, harsh chemicals, or drugs are lower. Unsterile gloves are packaged loose in many-glove boxes rather than individually wrapped.

If you work in the medical field, you likely go through plenty of gloves daily, making finding the best product, brand, and price paramount to your facility’s smooth operations. But what are the best medical glove brands? Use our comprehensive guide to find the best medical glove brands currently available in 2024.

Best Medical Glove Brands

Plenty of different medical gloves are available on the market, whether you shop online or in-store. But what are the best brands of medical gloves in 2024?

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Medex Supply

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Materials: Nitrile, latex, neoprene, vinyl.

Sterility: Sterile and non-sterile options.

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Aurelia Gloves

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Materials: Nitrile, latex, vinyl.

Sterility: Both sterile and non-sterile options.

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Materials: Nitrile, latex, vinyl.

Sterility: Both sterile and non-sterile options.

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Cranberry USA

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Materials: Nitrile, latex.

Sterility: Both sterile and non-sterile options.

Pricing: Premium pricing for superior quality.

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Customer Service: Dedicated support team for inquiries.

Catalog: Specializes in high-end nitrile gloves for medical professionals.

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Which gloves are best for medical use?

The type of medical gloves that you will need depends on the task you need them for. “Medical gloves” is a general term that covers all kinds of gloves used in medical settings — from exam gloves to surgical gloves.

Nitrile, neoprene, vinyl, and latex are all used in medical environments for different medical procedures. Latex gloves are known for superior elasticity and comfort, while neoprene offers excellent resistance to punctures and tears.

Vinyl gloves are less elastic than other medical gloves. However, they are preferred when allergen exposure is a concern, as they don’t contain latex. Finally, nitrile gloves are incredibly durable and resistant to chemicals and other harmless substances.

What is the most common type of gloves used in hospitals?

Exam gloves (also known as examination gloves) made from latex or nitrile are the most commonly used gloves by doctors in hospitals and medical settings. They are used for everything from straightforward medical exams to more complicated procedures. While other types of medical gloves are used in hospitals, exam gloves get the most play by far.

What are the differences between medical and surgical gloves?

“Medical gloves” is a blanket term for all disposable gloves used in a medical environment, while surgical gloves are explicitly used for surgery.

Medical gloves can be sterile or non-sterile and be made from nitrile, latex, neoprene, or vinyl. However, surgical gloves will always be sterile as they are created specifically for surgery.

Surgical gloves are made to a much higher standard, are available in more precise sizes, are packed individually to ensure sterility, and offer greater user sensitivity than other medical gloves.