Best Disposable Gloves for Electrical Work

Best Disposable Gloves for Electrical Work

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Being an electrician is a risky profession. You need to protect yourself fully, especially your hands, since they are the first to contact any form of danger.

Electrical gloves help protect electricians from all electrical hazards in their daily jobs. Besides, these gloves safeguard your hands from cuts and abrasions.

Getting reliable work gloves for electricians in the market is not easy. But you don’t have to worry. Here are the best disposable gloves for electricians.

1. Magid Electrical Insulating Lineman Safety Gloves

Magid Electrical Insulating Lineman Safety Gloves are among the best electrical work gloves in the market today. They provide excellent dielectric properties, physical strength, and ideal comfort. These electrical safety gloves are manufactured using premium natural rubber latex, making them superior in handling all electrical work.

They come in 11-inch and 14-inch lengths and offer low voltage protection of up to 500 volts AC/750 volts DC, making them the best gloves for electrical work. They exceed the respective requirements of current NFPA 70E standards, OSHA 29 CFR 1910.269 regulations, and ASTM D120-09 specifications. 

Other than technicians, facility and plant maintenance technicians, rubber contractors, high-voltage machine operators, and auto repair/manufacturing service workers can also use these gloves. 

Key Features

  • Come in a wide range of different colors
  • Available from size 11 to 14-inch
  • Have superior dielectric properties
  • Have a contoured shape that helps minimize chafing and reduce fatigue
  • Ultra-thin labels for improved comfort and longevity

2. Klein Tools 40072 Electricians Gloves

Rubber is an excellent insulator against electrical shock, but it's prone to damage such as abrasions, cuts, and punctures. However, a combination of different materials often offers superior protection. This is the case of Klein Tools 40072 Electricians Gloves which are made of 30% leather, 50% TPB, and 20% neoprene.

These gloves have strong pads on the palm and fingers, making them one of the best safety gloves for electricians. Besides the insulation against electricity, it also protects from other physical hazards.

It's highly durable and is made to withstand rough work in the hands of an electrician. The unique material on the palm and the figure also offer slip resistance when pulling cables or wires.  makes Klein Tools 40072 one of the best electrician gloves out there.

Key Features

  • Unique material along the palm and the figure
  • An extended cuff for easy wearing and taking off
  • Wrapped index finger for extra durability
  • Reinforced thumb base
  • Spandex material used is comfortable to wear and breathable
  • Comes in different sizes

3. Gorilla Grip Slip Resistant All Purpose Work Gloves

Gorilla Grip Gloves are among the best performing gloves for electricians and other heavy-duty jobs. They have superior grip because of the special polymer used, allowing for controlled grip on different conditions such as wet, dry, oily, grease, and much more.   

Other than the grip, the glove is designed for flexibility using special polymer coating.

Key Features

  • Polymer coating on the palm for maximum grip
  • Flexible due to nylon shell
  • Knit cuffs to block off dust and dirt

4. National Safety Apparel Class 0 Black Rubber Voltage Insulating Gloves

These rubber voltage gloves are ideal for protecting against electrical shock hazards. They offer different levels of electrical shock protection to electricians, utility contractors, and power production workers. 

These gloves offer peace of mind because they are CSA Z462-15 and NFPA 70E-2015 compliant for arc flash protection. They also have up to 1500V AC protection via their premium rubber material. Furthermore, these gloves provide the optimal comfort you need while working, thanks to the high-quality material.

They come in sizes 8 to 12-inch, allowing you to choose your appropriate size. It’s important that you measure your palm's circumference before making a purchase. 

Key Features

  • Available in yellow, black, and red, giving a wide variety to select your favorite color.
  • Come with a leather protector that you need to wear over the gloves
  • Class 0 insulating glove type
  • CSA and NFPA compliant for arc flash protection
  • Available in various sizes
  • Protects from a high working voltage of up to 1500V AC

5. 2 PCS Insulating Gloves for High Voltage Electrical Work

Are you looking for electrician gloves for maximum protection against high voltage? These electric gloves are what you are searching for. They are made of the finest rubber material, making them strong enough from any tear while working. This ensures that your hands are safe from cuts and shock hazards.

The gloves have an ergonomic shape that helps decrease hand chafing and fatigue, increasing work efficiency. They come in a red color that brightens all your working days. These gloves are ideal for working in the machine room, electric room, and power supply room, among other areas.

Key Features

  •  Available in 7.5-inch and 15.8-inch sizes.
  • Comes in red color
  • Waterproof with high-pressure resistance
  • Smooth inside, offering excellent comfort
  •  Easy to put on and take off

6. Electrical Insulated Lineman Rubber Gloves

If you are a full-time electrician, this is one of the best personal protective equipment you must have. Electrical Insulated Lineman Rubber Gloves are lightweight and comfortable to perform your work effectively and efficiently. Their ergonomic contoured shape saves you from abrasion, chafing, and excessive fatigue. As a result, you can do more work.

These gloves are made from natural rubber for strength and flexibility. They are also thick for more protection and they are among the best shock-resistant gloves in the market. Besides, they have been tested under 20 KV, and the leakage current is not more than 0.9mA per kilovolt. The knit wrist is 5.2-inch and has a cuff of 7.1-inch; hence ideal for most hand sizes.

Key Features

  • Lightweight and waterproof
  • Offers excellent dielectric properties
  • Length of 14.2-inch, a width of 5.1-inch, and a cuff of 7.1-inch.
  • Thickness of 1.5mm
  • Comes in orange color
  • Comes in one pack 


As an electrician, you have to put your safety first. It is essential to wear electrical gloves for all your work since they protect you from dangerous electric shocks and accidents. The above are among the best gloves for your electrical job.