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Economical, comfortable, and light disposable poly gloves are available here at Our disposable polyethylene gloves are perfect for safe and sanitary food preparation and handling for special events and food-related establishments. We have a wide selection of food service gloves, all from reputable and popular manufacturers in the industry. All poly gloves come in different sizes to ensure the disposable gloves fit you and your employees. Order your food gloves now!

What are poly gloves?

Poly gloves are short for Polyethylene gloves or also called PE gloves. These disposable gloves are made from Polyethylene resin which is a type of chemical material. Polyethylene resin has similar polymers to Ethylene. It is considered the cheapest and most common plastic used all over the world. Producing and manufacturing Polyethylene resin is very low cost. That’s why poly gloves are also affordable and economical. 

To make and manufacture poly gloves, the cutting and heat sealing method is used. Two Polyethylene resins are seemed and sealed together. Heat is used to make this happen. There are no formers or molds used to make these poly gloves. That’s why these disposable gloves are cheaper compared to other types of gloves. 

Disposable polyethylene gloves are available as embossed. Embossed poly gloves come with a pattern on their exterior or interior. The exterior embossed poly gloves make gripping easier. On the other hand, interior embossed poly gloves make it easier to don and remove. Also, it prevents disposable gloves from sticking to the skin because of sweat.

Uses of Poly Gloves

Poly gloves are light, comfortable, and very economical. They are perfect for everyday use or certain tasks, establishments, and industries. But because of their lack of durability and chemical protection, these disposable polyethylene gloves are not used in many industries, aside from the food industry. 

Food Industry

These thin and comfortable poly gloves are specially designed for light tasks like food handling, hospitality, salad preparations, buffet service, and decorating and garnishing. They are commonly used in the following:

      • Cafeterias
      • Bars and caterings
      • Restaurants
      • Food services
      • Delicatessens
      • Grocery stores

In the food industry, poly gloves provide protection against bacteria and chemicals. All the people who touch or come in contact with the food should be wearing disposable gloves to ensure the food is clean and safe to eat.

Different Types of Poly Gloves for Different Uses

There are 5 types of poly gloves based on what type of Polyethylene resin is used to make disposable gloves. The type of Polyethylene resin used will greatly affect the texture, flexibility, and comfort these food gloves provide.

Low-Density Poly Gloves (LDPE)

This type of poly gloves is less rigid and stiff. They are soft, flexible, strong, transparent, and comfortable to wear. Low-density poly gloves don’t hinder the feeling in the hands. There are other disposable gloves that lessen the sensitivity of the hands which is crucial for various tasks like hairdressing and hair dying. But that is not the case with these disposable polyethylene gloves.

High-Density Poly Gloves (HDPE)

These disposable gloves are thin and lightweight. High-density poly gloves are commonly used in tasks where little dexterity is needed such as department stores and petrol stations. This is because these disposable polyethylene gloves are stiffer and harder compared to LDPE. 

Cast Poly Gloves (CPE)

Compared to types of poly gloves, cast disposable polyethylene gloves are thicker but transparent. They are more durable and can be worn by the wearer for hours without compromising their safety and security. To ensure the wearer of these poly gloves feels their thickness, CPE gloves are embossed which gives the textured surface. As a result, these types of poly disposable gloves provide a firmer grip and higher sensitivity. 

Thermoplastic Poly Gloves (TPE)

This is the thickest type of poly gloves on this list. TPE gloves are made from thermoplastic elastomer which is very flexible and elastic. Its elasticity is close to rubber gloves. These disposable polyethylene gloves are softly embossed making them softer, elastic, and elongated. The embossing also makes these disposable gloves more tensile and flexible compared to CPE gloves.

Hybrid Poly Gloves

This is the newest type of poly gloves. When it comes to features, hybrid disposable polyethylene gloves are more improved features such as external and internal embossing for dexterity, easier don and removal, and better grip. They are also more elastic and heat resistant compared to the other types of poly gloves. 

And for environmentally conscious, hybrid poly gloves are 100% recyclable, meaning they are eco-friendly. In addition, during the manufacturing process of these hybrid disposable polyethylene gloves, less material waste and harmful emissions are produced.

Poly Gloves Key Features

Disposable polyethylene gloves are popular and commonly used in the food industry because of these three reasons:


Making Polyethylene resin is very economical. It doesn’t require a lot of resources, raw materials, and cutting-edge technology to create Polyethylene resin. In addition, the manufacturing of poly gloves only uses the cutting and heat method which is very simple, quick, and easy. As a result, polyethylene gloves are cheaper compared to other types of disposable gloves.


Poly gloves are not tightly fitting. Therefore, they are comfortable to wear, even for hours straight. You and your employees can easily remove these food gloves when they need to. They are ideal for quick disposable gloves replacement.

These disposable food gloves are also breathable, perfect for long use. The wearer doesn’t have to worry about sweating too much with these poly gloves.


In the food industry, it is crucial to wear disposable gloves. However, not all good service gloves are as reliable and durable as poly gloves. Disposable polyethylene gloves are reliable types of gloves for light tasks without a high risk of contamination.

Benefits of Using Disposable Poly Gloves

Aside from being reliable and cost-effective disposable gloves, poly gloves also offer other benefits that’s why they are popular and still being used to this day. Here are a few:

Ambidextrous Design

There is no right and left when it comes to poly gloves. You and your employees don’t have to worry if they are wearing their food service gloves on the right or left hand. This is perfect for the busy and quick paced environment in the food handling industry. 


Even though poly gloves are thin and look flimsy, they are actually durable and don’t easily get damaged. When disposable polyethylene gloves are manufactured, they are sealed and have an exceptionally strong barrier making them durable and strong. Also, poly gloves are water permeable. 


Latex gloves are a very popular type of disposable gloves. However, there are people who have latex allergies or sensitive skin. Also, the regular and frequent wearing of latex gloves can lead to latex sensitivity. For these people, poly gloves are ideal and safer. Poly gloves are 100% latex free and have a low risk of causing any allergic reaction.


Poly food gloves are powder-free which decreases the risk of inhalation problems and skin irritation. The powder coating is typically made from powder cornstarch which can trigger allergic reactions. Also, cornstarch can transfer to objects, equipment, tools, the wearer, and food making them not ideal for food services and handling. This is also a reason why poly gloves are the most commonly used type of disposable gloves in food handling and preparation.


Polyethylene resin is non-leaching. This means they don’t shed or release any chemicals when used or worn. That’s why poly gloves are perfect for food handling. When they are worn, you can be sure the food you are serving is clean and safe to eat. 


Disposable poly gloves are available in different sizes. When worn, disposable polyethylene gloves should be comfortable to wear and have a looser fit. It is important to choose the right size of food service gloves to avoid ripping them or any discomfort during busy times or rush hours. 

If you don’t know what size you need to purchase, you can measure your hand size and check out our size charts. This ensures you and your employees can move with ease and encounter any problems during the busy food service.

Get Quality Poly Gloves Now!

Poly gloves are light, breathable, cost-effective, and comfortable to wear. However, the quality of your food gloves is crucial for safety and protection. That’s why it is important to purchase your food service gloves from a trusted and reputable store, like We have years of experience providing durable disposable gloves, all sourced from trustworthy and popular brands in the industry. And to make sure you are getting good poly gloves, we conduct quality checks and tests. Our poly gloves are available in different sizes to ensure they fit you and your employees perfectly.

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