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Are you looking for a reliable, puncture-resistant glove that offers superior protection? Then look no further than the vinyl nitrile blend gloves (synthetic gloves). These high-quality industrial-grade gloves are designed to provide incredible durability and outstanding comfort - perfect for any safety application. In addition, these synthetic gloves offer superior breathability and sensitivity and provide optimal grip control for improved performance and protection. If you need maximum protection while performing your tasks, then investing in these premium synthetic blend gloves is essential!

What are vinyl nitrile blend gloves?

Vinyl nitrile blend gloves, also known as VNB gloves, are an essential safety tool for many professions. They provide better protection from certain chemicals and are much more comfortable to wear than other types of gloves. 

Made of vinyl and nitrile materials, VNB gloves offer a high tear-resistance and chemical resistance associated with Nitrile while providing the stretchy fit found in Vinyl. As such, they bridge the gap between both material types to deliver maximum comfort, dexterity, and protection against hazardous substances. 

Features of Nitrile Blend Gloves


Nitrile blend gloves have higher puncture-resistant properties than other types of gloves on the market. The inner layer of these gloves is covered with a strong material that provides layers of protection against puncture wounds and lacerations, offering the user maximum safety above all else. Compared to latex or vinyl glove varieties, they offer excellent puncture resistance at much higher levels of comfort due to their lightweight design and breathability. 

Superior Tactile Sensitivity

The high-grade nitrile material used in these gloves allows users to have maximum control over objects without compromising safety. In addition, nitrile gloves provide a secure grip while allowing users to feel what they are touching. This makes them ideal for medical professionals who require precise manipulation when working with delicate instruments or examining patients.

Great Stretchiness

Another main benefit of using nitrile blend gloves is their great stretchiness. This property allows them to conform to the shape of your hands more easily than traditional rubber or latex gloves, providing an enhanced level of comfort. This also means they will fit better and stay in your hands even during tough tasks. As such, you will be able to enjoy greater dexterity when handling objects with these gloves. 

Chemical Resistance

The unique composition neoprene/nitrile blend creates an effective barrier against many chemicals commonly encountered in laboratory settings or industrial applications such as oils, acids, bases solvents, etc., ensuring user safety without sacrificing flexibility or touch sensitivity when manipulating objects under wet conditions where spills occur frequently.

Disposable Gloves Made to Perform

Vinyl Nitrile Blend Gloves are made to protect in a variety of settings. Industries that count on our nitrile gloves include:

  • General industry (non-medical)
  • Industrial
  • Food prep
  • Cooking
  • Counter tabs
  • Dishwashing
  • Janitorial

Whether you’re a school teacher, mechanic, tattoo artist, or line cook, you can count on our disposable gloves to deliver the comfort, safety, and performance you need to ensure the job is done correctly. 

Do vinyl nitrile blend gloves resist punctures?

It should be noted that vinyl nitrile blend gloves are much more puncture-resistant than standard vinyl gloves due to their increased strength. Tests indicate that this type of gloves can resist punctures much better than other examination-grade disposable gloves, such as latex or standard vinyl ones, when dealing with sharp objects like needles and blades. 

Are vinyl nitrile gloves safe?

Vinyl nitrile gloves provide better protection than standard medical-grade latex or synthetic rubber gloves. This is because they are made from an advanced technology called copolymerization, which blends two different polymers to create a more robust material resistant to punctures and tearing. This makes them ideal for use in settings where hazardous substances may be present and provides a good barrier between your skin and the environment you’re working in. 

When it comes to chemical resistance, vinyl nitrile gloves have proven themselves time and time again with their excellent performance against a broad spectrum of acids, bases, and organic solvents – making them ideal for applications such as painting or chemical processing plants. 

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No matter what industry you’re in, it’s important to have gloves that protect your hands while still being able to complete the task at hand. That’s why offers a variety of nitrile blend gloves that are perfect for any job. And with our low prices and fast shipping, there’s no reason not to try them out today. So what are you waiting for? Order your vinyl nitrile blend gloves from today!