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Heavy-Duty Nitrile Gloves

Heavy-duty nitrile gloves give your hands the toughest protection for the hardest jobs. Their thick synthetic rubber offers better chemical, abrasion, and puncture resistance than other disposable gloves. Our heavy-duty nitrile disposable gloves are powder-free to reduce irritation, with textured fingertips to help you keep your grip.

When Do You Need The Toughest Nitrile Gloves?

a woman fumigating a room while wearing a complete personal protective equipment

You should use heavy-duty nitrile gloves when there's a high risk of punctures, cuts, infection, or exposure to harmful chemicals. They're a great choice when you're tackling jobs like automotive maintenance, package handling, or emergency response because they're more chemical-resistant and harder to rip than more lightweight disposable gloves.

Our nitrile gloves are powder-free, making them unlikely to irritate your skin when worn for extended periods. They're also 100% latex-free, so they won't trigger allergies in you or the customer.

Which Nitrile Gloves Are Thickest?

Disposable gloves can be considered heavy-duty at a thickness of 6-8 mils, though the thickest nitrile gloves are over 9 mils. We carry nitrile gloves up to 10 mils thick so you can protect yourself and stay sanitary even in the roughest conditions.

Are Black Nitrile Gloves Stronger Than Blue?

Nitrile gloves aren't color-coded by toughness or thickness, though some professions favor specific colors. Mechanics and tattoo artists often choose black nitrile gloves because they look tidy even when covered with grease. Many doctors, nurses, dentists, and first responders pick blue nitrile exam gloves because the color makes projects a sense of calm while making bloodstains look less jarring. And work crews operating at night may appreciate the high visibility of an orange nitrile glove.