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Where to Buy Surgical Gloves

If you work in the medical field, surgical gloves are some of the most critical equipment you use. But where to buy surgical gloves to get the best bang for your buck? Should you just search for “surgical gloves near me?”

Gloves protect medical staff and patients from cross-contamination, infection, and chemical exposure. Surgical gloves are used across the medical industry, and finding out where to buy disposable gloves for the best possible price is essential to maintaining a constant supply at the best possible price.

But what should you consider when choosing surgical gloves?

What are Surgical Gloves?

In the world of medicine, surgical gloves are essential. They help to maintain a sterile environment, which is paramount during medical procedures. Whether you perform surgeries, provide assistance as a caregiver, or aid doctors with medical tasks, surgical gloves are the safest gloves to keep everyone protected.

Surgical gloves differ from other types of medical gloves in that they are always sterile and are designed for use during medical procedures. Typically, gloves used in surgery are made from nitrile, latex, neoprene, or vinyl. Unlike examination gloves, surgical gloves undergo extremely rigorous manufacturing and testing processes.

Nitrile gloves and neoprene gloves are often more popular in hospitals and medical institutions because latex gloves can pose problems. People with latex allergies cannot come into contact with latex gloves for fear of triggering a reaction, so other materials are preferred.

Surgical gloves also offer much better fits than other medical gloves, ensuring better precision and sensitivity — both essential when performing intricate tasks like surgery. Our surgical gloves are always individually wrapped to ensure sterility, even in transport and storage.

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Best Places to Buy Surgical Gloves

If you’re wondering, “Where can I buy surgical gloves?” let us help!

Online Retailers


At Gloves.com, we’ve been in business for over 30 years, supplying all types of disposable gloves to companies and individuals all over the USA. Offering an extensive selection of gloves in a wide range of sizes and materials, Gloves.com has you covered. We make it easy and affordable to buy surgical gloves online.

With our extensive selection of latex surgical gloves, nitrile gloves, powder-free gloves, vinyl gloves, and latex-free gloves, you can find absolutely every type of glove on the market.

In addition to offering an extensive range of gloves, we also provide surgical gloves in bulk — perfect for the medical industry, where multiple pairs of surgical gloves are used daily.

At Gloves.com, we also provide discounts on large orders, free delivery on orders over $99, and scheduled repeat orders (with a fat discount.) We guarantee the best prices and the fastest delivery in the industry whenever you buy surgical gloves.

If you’re unsure which gloves will work best for you, we also offer samples so you can try various gloves before committing to a bulk order.

With our history in the business, Gloves.com has built professional relationships with reputable and reliable glove manufacturers worldwide, ensuring you always have access to the best quality gloves at the best available price.

Whether you need surgical gloves for immediate use or you’re replenishing backstock, Gloves.com can help. Not sure what you need? Our sales team is on hand to answer your questions and send you the samples you need to find the best gloves for your facility.

Other Online Retailers

There are plenty of other places to pick up medical-grade surgical gloves online. Websites like Amazon provide a wide range of gloves that can often be delivered within a few hours — depending on where you live — making these retailers great for use during stocking emergencies.

That said, Amazon doesn't vet the sellers listed on its website — and the gloves for sale there might not be made to the same quality and standards that you expect.

Amazon often stocks products from “dupe” brands that might not be made to the specifications claimed in their descriptions, so it’s essential to use customer reviews and ratings to find the best supplier.

While sourcing gloves on Amazon works in a pinch, safety is paramount in medicine. Therefore, choosing a reputable reseller that quality-controls its stock — like Gloves.com — is often better than trying to find the lowest price from an online retailer with no specialization.

Medical Supply Stores

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Most towns and cities are home to medical supply stores. Medical supply stores stock everything needed in medical environments — from diagnostic equipment to PPE, including gloves.

Depending on their size, most medical supply stores typically carry a diverse range of gloves in different brands, sizes, and materials so customers can find the models that meet their exact specifications.

One of the most significant advantages of shopping at a brick-and-mortar medical supply store is a personalized experience.

On-site staff can assist you with your purchases, help you navigate the inventory, provide recommendations, and offer a better insight into individual brands and products that might not be available when buying medical gloves online.

Medical supply stores also often offer discounts to medical staff and on bulk purchases, helping customers save money on medical gloves. Whether you’re a professional looking for high-quality surgical gloves or an individual needing PPE, check out your local medical supply store.

Should you find the gloves you need selling for less than they cost on our site, remember that Gloves.com will not be undersold on medical gloves. Simply contact our sales staff and request a price match under our guarantee. Shipping is free for all orders over $99 — even if your requested gloves are heavily discounted.


Every town has a pharmacy, and larger pharmacies like Walgreens and CVS often offer at-home delivery, making these retailers a convenient place to pick up medical gloves. Pharmacies will likely have a limited in-store stock of high-quality surgical gloves, while their online portals usually offer greater ranges of gloves and options to buy in bulk.

Like medical supply store employees, pharmacists and pharmacy staff can help you find the right gloves for your needs. Pharmacies stock a wide range of medical supplies, so when you need more than gloves, they’re great one-stop shops for everything on your list.

Pharmacies generally offer different sales and discounts throughout the year, helping you save money on medical gloves. At Gloves.com, we’re ready to match any price they put on their surgical gloves, no matter how low.

Healthcare Institutions

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Healthcare institutions maintain constant supplies of PPE and other medical equipment, including gloves. They buy bulk from large wholesalers specializing in gloves, PPE, and medical supplies.

While it’s generally impossible to buy gloves in hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities, you should be able to inquire about their trusted suppliers.

If you’re part of a medical institution looking for a new place to buy surgical gloves, speaking to other health professionals in the area can help you with recommendations.

Often, healthcare institutions will have ongoing agreements with suppliers that offer competitive pricing to keep the business — so they should be more than happy to share the names of their suppliers.

If you’re an individual looking for surgical gloves, reaching out to your healthcare provider can be a great way to get the right recommendations for what you need and put you in contact with the right supplier.

While you cannot buy directly from medical institutions, their staff know the medical industry better than anyone and can help advise on the best product for your needs.

Other Stores

Your local Walmart or Target will likely stock at least one or two options for sterile surgical gloves in-store. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to find surgical gloves in bulk. However, you should be able to pick them up in an emergency if you run out.

Walmart and Target also offer online shopping, with a much more comprehensive selection of gloves available online, any of which can be delivered directly to your home or place of work. Walmart also offers the option of automatic repeat offers, which might seem perfect for smaller medical practices.

However, remember that Gloves.com does more than just price match. We also offer a discount if you set up recurring bulk purchases, and you never pay for shipping if your minimum order is over $99. While Walmart may provide a convenient solution, your path to long-term savings while keeping your surgical glove supply stocked runs through Gloves.com.

Veterinary Supply Stores

While pet stores and veterinary supply stores might not be your first choice for surgical gloves, the gloves vets use in surgery are surgical gloves. There is no difference between the gloves used in hospitals and those used in veterinary clinics.

Veterinary supply and pet stores might not sell gloves at the best price or offer bulk options, but they still stock sterile surgical gloves that are great in a pinch.


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Surgical gloves are essential to the medical industry. Whether you work in caretaking or major surgery, they are one of the most critical elements of personal protective equipment. Medical procedures can only happen with suitable disposable gloves.

Modern surgical gloves are essential for maintaining the hygiene, safety, and sterility that ensure the excellent health of medical staff and patients in contemporary medical environments.

Buying online from reputable wholesalers like Gloves.com provides a continuous supply of surgical gloves at the best prices from tried and tested brands you can trust. Buying in bulk helps you save money and time while offering benefits like price matching and free, fast delivery.

Whether you buy from online retailers like gloves.com, medical supply stores, pharmacies, or your local grocery store, maintaining a good stock of surgical gloves is essential to keeping your medical facility running smoothly and safely.

Subscription orders can help ensure you never run out of gloves, while bulk ordering can help you save money on gloves and shipping costs.

If you’re looking for surgical gloves, our team at Gloves.com offers a wide range of disposable gloves in various materials and sizes. Look at our collection today — or call our sales team to discuss your needs and order some samples.