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Key Salon Gloves Benefits

Salon gloves are a must if you want to keep your hands clean while working. They also provide protection against bacteria and germs that may get transferred onto your hands during manicures and pedicures. What type of gloves do hairdressers use? What type of glove is recommended for use in the salon?
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Women are busy beings. They juggle work, social life, personal time, chores, and family quality time. Women rarely have enough free time to rest, sleep, or read their favorite book, let alone visit the salon and get pampered. That’s why some women will have about 4 inches of root growth or a lot of dead skin cells on their faces when they finally have enough time to go to a beauty salon.

That’s why it’s important for salons, beauticians, nail technicians, hair stylists, and makeup artists to provide superior relaxation to all their clients. And to ensure clients can fully relax during their beauty sessions, proper safety guidelines should be enforced, including proper handwashing and wearing of salon gloves. But what are salon gloves and are they necessary? Let’s find out!

Definition of Salon Gloves

Salon gloves are disposable gloves used in salons, spas, and beauty clinics. There are different types of gloves used as salon gloves, namely latex, vinyl, and nitrile gloves. The type of disposable gloves you use will depend on the procedure or service you provide. 

      • Latex Gloves: This type of disposable gloves are affordable and comfortable to wear. They don’t decrease tactile sensitivity and hand movement making them ideal for various services and procedures. However, some people are sensitive or allergic to latex. This will be problematic if your client is one of them and you’re wearing latex gloves. If you’re getting in contact with your client’s skin, ask whether they’re allergic to latex to ensure no skin irritation or inflammation happens.
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      • Nitrile Gloves: This type of salon gloves are the most commonly used in the beauty, spa, and salon industries. Nitrile gloves are 100% latex-free, highly durable, comfortable, and breathable. They also offer superior protection against strong substances like hair dyes and bleaches. These disposable gloves are puncture resistant making them perfect for hair stylists and nail technicians. However, nitrile gloves are more expensive compared to latex gloves. 
      • Vinyl Gloves: These salon gloves are the most popular choice for many salons and spas. They are cost-efficient, latex-free, comfortable to wear, and close fit. Vinyl gloves are typically worn by hairstylists as their hair coloring salon gloves. They are available in different colors like black and blue perfect for hiding stains while making them look professional. However, vinyl gloves are not ideal for nail technicians because they’re not resistant to acetone.

Importance of Salon Gloves in the Beauty Industry

Salon gloves are necessary personal protective equipment (PPEs) in the beauty, spa, and salon industries. They protect the wearer from getting in direct contact with contagious pathogens, strong substances, or harmful chemicals. In addition, salon gloves protect the client from any catching pathogens from the beautician or other clients. The client’s safety and peace of mind are crucial for their pampering session, relaxation, and overall satisfaction.

Remember, women go to salons to relax and unwind. When they’re unsure whether they’re safe or not in the salon and the services are not good, they won’t be coming back. You will lose the trust of your client. 

By enforcing proper safety procedures, like hand washing and wearing salon gloves, you can ensure your clients and workers are safe and secure.

Benefits of Using Salon Gloves

Aside from preventing cross-contamination and the spreading of different viruses and germs, there are other benefits of wearing salon gloves, both for the client and the service provider. Here are 3 advantages of wearing salon gloves.

Look Professional

Wearing salon gloves makes service providers and staff look more professional and trustworthy. If you’re using black salon gloves, hair dyes will be hidden making you look cleaner, hygienic, and professional. This builds trust and a good professional image which encourages clients to go back and hire your services again.

Protection From Harmful Substances

In hairdressing or styling, some procedures include handling and being exposed to strong agents or chemicals like bleaches, perm mixtures, hair dyes, hair relaxers, conditioning treatments, and more. Repeated exposure to these strong chemicals can lead to skin burns, irritations, dryness, and, in extreme cases, permanent damage to the skin, nails, and hands.

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By wearing salon gloves, service providers can protect themselves from getting in direct contact with harmful substances. When handling chemicals and strong substances, nitrile gloves are the best type of gloves hair dressers can use. They are resistant to different chemicals like hair bleaches, dyes, and perm mixtures.

Peace Of Mind

After the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is very conscious about their safety and health. And salon procedures and services typically include direct contact which can lead to contamination and spreading of diseases. Some people are very wary of being in direct contact with other people, especially because service providers are exposed to many people. 

To help clients relax during their salon or spa visit, it’s important for service providers to wear salon gloves. This doesn’t only give peace of mind to the clients but also to the service providers. 

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