Gripprotect Disposable Glove Review

Gripprotect Disposable Glove Review

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Whether you're working as a scientist, doctor, or artist, it's always good to have the protection of disposable gloves. It can protect you from infections when dealing with patients, prevent microbes and bacteria from leaking into your artwork, or just keep your hands clean when cooking or performing some kind of test. Whatever the reason to wear gloves is, there's a size and type to fit anyone's needs. But not all disposable gloves are the same.

Just like choosing personal protective equipment (PPE) for any other task, choosing the right gloves to get the maximum protection from it, you must have the right type first. Hence, researching about the brand can be helpful for you to make an informed decision and purchase the best gloves.

In this blog, we explore about GripProtect’s disposable gloves manufactured by the BMC Protect company. Founded in 1994 as Bay Medical in the San Francisco Bay Area, BMC Protect focuses on infection control products for medical and non-medical uses including nitrile and latex gloves.

GripProtect Nitrile Gloves

Customers of disposable gloves prefer nitrile for its durability. Nitrile gloves are three times stronger than latex and can protect against cuts and punctures that can happen during industrial or laboratory activities.

The GripProtect Nitrile Exam Gloves offer the perfect balance between affordability, protection, and durability. They are latex-free and powder-free, offering a high level of comfort, strength, and safety when handling medical tissue and supplies, specimens, instruments, and more.

What We Love About It

  • Variety

GripProtect Nitrile Exam Gloves are available in Precise Black, Precise Black 5, and Precise Nitrile Exam Gloves variants. Each option addresses a certain need or concern that disposable glove users commonly encounter.

  • GripProtect Precise Black Nitrile Gloves provide excellent chemical resistance to solvents, oils, some acids and bases, and select chemotherapy agents. These gloves are suitable for use in many different industries but are especially popular with tattoo artists.
  • GripProtect Precise Black 5 Nitrile Gloves offer a thicker barrier than standard nitrile gloves and are tailored for better protection from healthcare to industrial and laboratory environments.
  • GripProtect Precise Nitrile Gloves feature exceptional chemical resistance and elasticity using high-grade materials for protection in different industries. Available in blue, this variant has the same specifications as its black counterpart.
  • Medical Exam Grade

This classification is conducted in accordance with American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) testing criteria and ensures that the gloves have just the right balance of elasticity and strength to protect the hands of the users and the people on the other side.

  • Versatility

As the gloves meet Exam Grade standards, they are ideal for use in multiple industries, not just healthcare. Whether it's working outdoors or gardening, using harsh chemicals to clean the house, or applying hair dye, disposable gloves can protect you and keep your hands clean.

  • Latex-Free

These nitrile disposable gloves, made of synthetic rubber and latex-free, are designed to reduce allergic reactions.

  • Chemo-Rated & Fentanyl Resistant

These gloves have been tested and approved for protection use against chemotherapy agents, fentanyl citrate and other drugs based on results from ASTM D6978-05 permeation tests.

  • Easy to Use

The nitrile disposable gloves are tested in manufacturing processes for ease of donning and doffing. They are ambidextrous for easy use. The textured surface of these gloves makes picking up instruments and objects easy and comfortable. The gloves are also thick enough, yet thin enough, to provide protection while promoting sensitivity and grip. 

GripProtect Latex Gloves

Nitrile may offer better puncture and tear protection, but latex is much stronger against hazards such as chemicals and biohazards, abrasives, and punctures. For medical or other sterile applications where hand protection is critical, latex offers the best solution. Latex gloves offer outstanding puncture resistance and an excellent compromise between strength and flexibility, which is why they are commonly used in hospitals.

The GripProtect Latex Exam Gloves provide a balance between comfort, fit, and protection. They come in different thicknesses for durability and strength.

  • Variety

GripProtect Latex Exam Gloves are available in different variants: Ultra 8 mil, High Risk 14 mil, and Operon Latex Powder-Free depending on the user’s need.

  • The GripProtect Ultra 8 Latex Exam Gloves are an excellent choice when a higher level of safety and comfort is needed. Their high-quality design and material ensure they protect against chemicals and bacteria that could cause infections. Aside from hospital use, they are also popular in light industry, automotive and hobby purposes.
  • The GripProtect High-Risk Latex Exam Gloves offer protection in high-risk situations such as in pest and control, first responders, industrial and other applications requiring maximum hand protection. The glove has a high level of protection without compromising tactile sensitivity. They can be used in both medical and non-medical fields but protect against most biohazards.
  • The GripProtect Operon Latex Exam Gloves are made with natural latex rubber. Their elasticity makes them comfortable to wear, while the 6-mil thickness provides durable protection and maintains tactile sensitivity.
  • Medical Exam Grade

GripProtect disposable gloves meet the barrier protection standards which ensures they pass quality standards for medical use. They can also be used in many other applications, providing comfort and flexibility over extended use.

  • Thickness Options

All GripProtect Latex Exam Gloves are durable gloves that feature standard and even higher thickness than the usual 4-6mil available in the market. The Ultra 8 mil variant has 8 mil thickness; the High-Risk variant is 14mil at the fingertip, while the Operon is at 6mil thick.

  • Comfortable to use 

These gloves are soft and comfortable, yet durable, and they stretch more than other glove formulations to reduce hand fatigue while maintaining touch sensitivity.

The Verdict on GripProtect Disposable Gloves

In conclusion, the GripProtect disposable gloves by BMC Protect makes a brilliant addition to your PPE and have an excellent way to keep you protected from any mess that gets your hands dirty. If you are looking for the best gloves, then GripProtect should definitely be included in your list.