Best Disposable Gloves for Cleaning

Best Disposable Gloves for Cleaning

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Whether you’re cleaning your own home or cleaning a space for your job, you should always stop and think before you roll up your sleeves. The truth is, while cleaning can be brutal on germs and dust, it can be just as brutal on your hands. 

So before you start cleaning, take a moment to pull on a pair of disposable gloves. 

Not sure where to begin? No worries! Here’s a look at the best types of disposable gloves for cleaning--and why gloves are a necessity any time you clean. 

Why You Should Wear Disposable Gloves for Cleaning

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an industrial cleaner or an average homeowner. You need a hardy pair of gloves to protect your hands, even if you think the cleaning is relatively mild. 

Here are two reasons why you should never go without gloves. 

Protect Your Hands Against Hot Water and Harsh Chemicals

You might not think much of that hot water, but according to dermatologists, hot water can be quite harsh on your skin. It tends to inflame your skin and strip your skin of oils it needs to stay healthy. 

Cleaning gloves give your hands the protection they need to handle hot water without missing a beat. Plus, if you wear gloves, you can wash dishes and surfaces using much hotter water than your bare hands could tolerate. 

Of course, cleaning gloves come with another major benefit as well: they’re chemical resistant. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using industrial-strength bleach or DIY supplies. These chemicals can irritate your skin and strip it of essential oils just like hot water--and chemicals come with the added risk of chemical burns. Why take the risk of major skin irritation when you could easily keep your hands safe by donning the right pair of gloves? 

Keep You From Getting Sick

Part of the point of cleaning is to clear away any lingering germs. The problem is that if you clean with your bare hands, all those germs you collect while cleaning get on your hands

Think about all the spots you clean regularly. The toilet. The shower. The kitchen sink. Fun fact: did you know that your kitchen sink has more germs than your toilet? Oh, and the sponge you use to wash dishes? That can carry up to 362 different types of bacteria. 

And while that should be a clarion call to bleach your sink and switch to dishcloths, it’s also important to remember that all those germs transfer to your hands. Even if you wash your hands afterward, you have to do it correctly in order to fully protect yourself. 

Oh, and in case you forgot, if you wash your hands to dispose of germs, that also means you should wash your hands when switching between highly germy areas, like the kitchen sink and the bathroom. 

Make it easy on yourself. Make the switch to cleaning gloves. 

How to Choose the Best Gloves for Cleaning

When it comes to gloves, best options vary depending on the task at hand. Cleaning is no exception. 

Some of it comes down to preference. Some of it comes down to performance. Some cleaners will prefer nitrile gloves to latex gloves, some swear by basic yellow rubber gloves. That said, there is some difference worth noting depending on your particular cleaning task. 

Here’s a look at how to choose the best disposable gloves for cleaning--and our verdict on the best pair, based on our own research. 

Disposable Glove vs. Reusable Glove

First comes the choice between disposable gloves and reusable gloves. For super easy sanitary protection, our vote goes to disposable gloves. 

Reusable gloves do carry certain benefits. They create much less waste than disposable gloves, and some cleaners think that reusable gloves are made to be sturdier than disposable gloves. 

But these days, the brilliance of engineering means you can often find a great pair of disposable gloves that are just as hardy as reusable gloves. Plus, because disposable gloves are made to be worn only once, you never need to worry about what germs might be lingering on them in between cleanings. In fact, you can open packaging each time and guarantee your gloves are sterile and ready for use. 

As such, because most cleaners won’t go to the trouble of disinfecting reusable gloves between cleanings, we recommend using disposable gloves instead. 


Next comes the choice of material. Generally, you’ll have the choice between disposable nitrile gloves, disposable latex gloves, or disposable vinyl gloves. 

For most basic cleaning tasks, like dusting or mopping, any of the three will work as a protective barrier, so it comes down to personal preference. However, if you’re going to work with cleaning chemicals, nitrile gloves are usually recommended over latex gloves or vinyl gloves. 

That’s because nitrile gloves are far more durable than latex gloves and have better chemical resistance overall. And while some cleaners like latex for its comfort, the best nitrile gloves are made with a design like a latex glove for easy application and removal. Look for a disposable glove with a stretchy fit over the hand and a loose cuff. 


Next comes the question of sizing. If you’re working with chemicals and cleaning tools and expect to be working hard with your hands (scrubbing, for instance), you want gloves that won’t slip. That means that one size does not fit all. 

The best way to find the correct glove size is to measure your hand. This requires two measurements: measuring around your hand at the widest point (excluding your thumb) and measuring the length of your hand from the base of the palm to the tip of your middle finger. Use the larger of the two to choose a size. 

That said, if you have to make the choice between a glove that’s a bit too large for your palm or your fingers, think about how much dexterity you’ll need. A glove that’s too long leaves space at the tips of your fingers. 

Our Verdict on the Best Disposable Gloves for Cleaning

With all of that in mind, the best disposable cleaning gloves are a good pair of nitrile gloves, with the appropriate thickness to balance puncture resistance against manual dexterity. 

Order Disposable Gloves That Make Cleaning a Breeze

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