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  • Latex Glove Thickness
    November 24, 2021

    Latex Glove Thickness

    Disposable gloves help protect you through thick and thin (see what we did there?) But the choice between thin gloves and thick gloves isn’t simply a question of cost or durability.  In reality, glove thickness makes a dramatic difference in...

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  • How are Nitrile Gloves Made
    November 20, 2021

    How are Nitrile Gloves Made

    Ever wondered how your nitrile gloves get to be so sturdy? Or what goes into the process of making gloves? We’ve found that when it comes to gloves (nitrile included), how it’s made makes a world of difference in the...

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  • Do Latex Gloves Expire
    November 16, 2021

    Do Latex Gloves Expire

    Did you know that disposable gloves expire, just like your produce? Well, not exactly like your produce--they have a much longer shelf life. Even so, every glove has an expiration date, and much like your pantry supplies, you won’t get...

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  • What are Latex Gloves Used For
    November 12, 2021

    What are Latex Gloves Used For

    For decades, latex gloves were the king of the disposable glove industry. These days, though, as latex allergies are increasingly common, latex products have a more niche application. Either way, the material remains well-suited to handling certain jobs--and ill-suited to...

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  • Reusable Nitrile Gloves
    November 8, 2021

    Reusable Nitrile Gloves

    When you show up to work each day, you need safety you can count on. And while new disposable glove materials are up to 95% stronger and safer than their predecessors, there are some times when you need a reusable...

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  • Nitrile Gloves for Cooking
    November 4, 2021

    Nitrile Gloves for Cooking

    Every year, 1 in 6 Americans get sick with foodborne illnesses. 128,000 Americans are hospitalized due to foodborne illness each year, and 3,000 die.  Which means that for your restaurant or food company, food safety is non-negotiable.  One of the...

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