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medical and utility grade gloves, lancets and other disposable products.


NEW! HandCare® Nitrile Gloves
Superior by design.
Superior Quality. Superior Performance.
All at a lower price than other nitrile gloves.

Check out our product information page or call us to receive a detailed nitrile glove fact sheet.

100% Nitrile, Latex-Free, Micro-Textured, Non-Chlorinated, Powder-Free, Ambidextrous, Industrial-Use

NEW! HandCare® Single-Use Safety Lancets.
Unmatched ease-of-use and safety in
a disposable, self contained lancet.

No extra lancing devices, caps, packaging
or special handling needed.

Check out our product information page or call us to receive a detailed Single-Use Lancet Fact Sheet.


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Protective gloves are most often associated with medical/dental and laboratory use. However, latex, nitrile, vinyl and polyethylene gloves are excellent at protecting your hands from harsh and potentially toxic cleaners, solvents, epoxies, adhesives, paints and oils. Because of this, disposable gloves are now widely used in all types of businesses and have become a common household item.

PLP also provides HandCare® single-use safety lancets offering the highest level of patient comfort and clinical safety available. Ideal for clinical or home use, these lancets offer the utmost in simplicity and virtually eliminate the majority of factors contributing to lancet and sample contamination.

PLP has been saving customers money on many different types of disposable medical and industrial safety products for over ten years. In addition to gloves and lancets, PLP can provide you with disposable masks, gauze, apparel and many other items.

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