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D Super Remover Neoprene Heavy Duty Powder Free Gloves

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Product Description

Regular disposable gloves make a huge difference in providing one-and-done protection, but when you need a glove with excellent chemical protection, abrasion resistance, and unbeatable durability, neoprene gloves go the extra mile. 

Defensive Barrier with Powerful Chemical Resistance

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber product that’s much stronger and harder than natural rubber. Because of this, it’s able to provide protection that you wouldn’t get from any other glove material--it offers excellent resistance against chemicals, oils, and solvents. 

In addition to being impressively chemical resistant gloves, neoprene gloves are also valued for their impressive tensile strength and strong chemical stability over a wide temperature range. That tensile strength means these gloves are impressively resistant to punctures, flexible enough to protect against the risk of sharp hazards. 

However, because the material strongly resembles rubber, you get many of the same benefits you would get from a rubber glove. Like a fantastic wet and dry grip. Or the dexterity you need to handle liquids, oils, greases, acids, and alcohols gracefully. 

Reusable Gloves with Heavy Duty Protection and Comfort

Of course, like all of our gloves, we value comfort as much as safety, which is why our neoprene gloves offer all the comfort you would find in our nitrile, latex, or vinyl gloves. 

Each pair of gloves is designed with a loose cuff and stretchy fit. That way, you get the safety and thickness of neoprene material, but you also get a comfortable fit to last all day long. Oh, and they’re powder-free and latex-free so you never need to worry about allergens. 

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