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CATCH Black Nitrile Gloves - Powder Free (9 Mil), 1,000 Gloves

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Product Description

You do work that communities rely on--processing food, constructing buildings, processing chemicals, you name it. But one way or another, you need to be able to do your job safely. And that means finding a disposable glove that offers the protection you need to get the job done right. 

Our 9 mil black nitrile gloves are made for the toughest challenges industrial workers have to face. So no matter what your work day looks like, don’t fuss with lackluster glove brands. Turn to the gloves industry leaders rely on. 

The Benefits of Powder-Free Nitrile

When the job is tough, you need a glove that’s even tougher. Our industrial-grade disposable gloves are designed for whatever the day throws your way. 

Our black nitrile gloves are some of the thickest available in our store, with 9 mil thickness at the fingers and palms. That way, you get maximum tensile strength where it counts, and you never need to worry about what the day has in store. 

Even better is the material. Nitrile is one of the most durable disposable glove materials on the market, known for high tensile strength, chemical resistance, and all-around durability. This makes it the perfect fit for industrial workers who need a tough glove. 

Better still, you never need to worry about allergens. Our gloves are all latex-free and powder-free so you never need to worry about skin reaction. As a material, nitrile isn’t as flexible as latex, so we compensate with a stretchy fit and a loose cuff for easy application and removal. That way, you’ll stay comfortable all day long. 

Why Choose Industrial-Grade Black Nitrile Disposable Gloves?

Like all of our gloves, our black nitrile gloves are high-quality and made for performance. Our gloves are trusted by essential workers across the country in dozens of industries, whether you’re an individual, a corporation, or even a government agency. 

We’re a proud supplier of industry leaders like: 

  • Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • Northwestern Hospital
  • Maryland Military Department

No matter the glove, we prioritize quality. That’s why we’ve been featured in: 

  • Forbes
  • Bupa
  • Dentistry
  • Healthcare Design

So if you need a great glove to get the job done right, our gloves are here to help. 

9 Mil Gloves Trusted By Essential Workers Across the Country

Ready for powder-free industrial-grade gloves you can trust? Just choose your glove size and add them to your cart. Or, if you’re ordering for your whole organization, our expert customer service team can set up a wholesale order.