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Dental Gloves

Preferred By 96% Of Our Dental Industry Customers

Your dental practice presents a unique challenge for medical gloves unlike any other. Your examination gloves have to hold up to a wet environment for extended periods without sacrificing infection control, grip, or barrier protection. Never mind tear protection--between teeth and braces, your patients give you a run for your money. 

Dental offices need glove options made for their unique medical field, made of materials that can hold their own in dental exams while ensuring safety for doctors, assistants, and patients. Oh, and comfort would be a major plus. 

Our disposable medical gloves are designed for the unique challenges of a dental office so that you can enter every exam wearing gloves you trust. 

High-Quality Dental Gloves for Protection and Comfort

Dental exam gloves are unlike any other exam glove. They have to be thinner gloves to maximize tactile sensitivity, kind of like a surgical glove. However, unlike surgical gloves, they also need puncture protection and durability you don’t find in latex. 

Our nitrile gloves offer the comfortable, accurate fit of a natural latex glove with the durability of a synthetic rubber glove. They’re made of a rubber material for maximum puncture resistance but designed to fit like a latex exam glove, with a fitted, stretchy hand and a loose cuff at the wrist. That way, they’re easy to put on, comfortable to wear, and easy to take off. 

Looking for latex-free gloves? What about powder-free gloves? Or even chlorine-free gloves? You never need to worry about allergic reactions from powdered gloves or a latex allergy. Our gloves are allergen-friendly so that you never need to worry about allergies in advance of your dental procedures. 

Better Grip, Tactile Sensitivity, and Puncture Resistance

Whether you’re shopping for dental nurse gloves, textured gloves, or all-around utility gloves for your whole office, your disposable gloves need an excellent wet and dry grip, tactile sensitivity, and puncture resistance. 

With nitrile, you get maximum durability, chemical resistance, and non-slip grip you can trust. Plus, you get a comfortable fit similar to latex gloves without the worry of an allergic reaction from latex. Nitrile is one of those other materials that’s gaining popularity in the medical field, and for dentists, a well-made nitrile glove is especially attractive. 

The Gloves Dental Professionals and Industry Leaders Trust

Don’t take our word for it. Just look at the thousands of essential workers and medical professionals who trust our gloves every single day. 

We’re talking thousands of happy customers across the country, from individuals to corporations to major government agencies. Many of them are industry leaders like Johns Hopkins Hospital, and Northwestern Hospital. 

Leaders trust us because we’re committed to great material, great fit, and great quality. That’s why we’ve been featured in Forbes, Dentistry, Bupa, and Healthcare Design

For us, it’s just part of offering disposable gloves the medical field can count on. 

Order Medical Grade Exam Gloves You Can Count On

Support your team with dental gloves that work as hard as they do. Find the gloves that suit your team and place your order. 

Ordering in bulk for your whole practice? No problem! Our expert customer service team will be happy to set you up with a wholesale order.