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Best Disposable Gloves for Arthritis

Best Disposable Gloves for Arthritis

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Did you know that half of all women and one-quarter of all men will experience the stiffness and pain of osteoarthritis in their hands by the age of 85? Overall, as many as 4 in 10 people experience osteoarthritis in their hands.

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Did you know that half of all women and one-quarter of all men will experience the stiffness and pain of osteoarthritis in their hands by the age of 85? Overall, as many as 4 in 10 people experience osteoarthritis in their hands. 

But for those who rely on their hands day in and day out, slowing down for arthritis pain isn’t an option. That’s where arthritis gloves may help. 

Here’s a look at how arthritis gloves work and how to choose a great disposable arthritis glove to keep your symptoms under control. 

What are Arthritis Gloves?

Arthritis gloves are not designed to treat arthritis, but they may make your symptoms more manageable. These gloves use various treatments to help reduce arthritis symptoms in your hands, usually in one of four ways

  1. Compression
  2. Heat
  3. Splints
  4. Wrist wraps

Most arthritis gloves will involve some form of compression. The goal of these gloves is to apply a bit of pressure to help reduce swelling, which can help alleviate pain and improve joint mobility. 

A heat or thermal glove adds another layer into the equation. Imagine the last time you used a heat pad to relieve a sore muscle. Thermal gloves work the same way, but they’re a hand treatment that you can wear with you anytime you want to. 

The goal of splints is to provide extra support for those who have weakness in their hands and fingers due to arthritic pain. Typically, a splint is a type of supportive device that prevents a broken bone or damaged muscle from shifting. In this case, splint gloves help stabilize your hands and fingers to prevent you from sustaining an injury. 

Wrist wraps aren’t technically gloves per se, but they’re a type of added support on top of regular gloves. If you have arthritis pain or weakness in your wrists as well as your hands, wrist wraps help provide additional support, stability, and compression to keep your hands comfortable. 

How Do Arthritis Gloves Work?

Think of arthritis gloves as the support your hand can’t provide on its own. 

Let’s say, for example, that you have swelling and stiffness in your hands due to arthritis. As a result, you tend to work carefully around your arthritic joints, which also means the muscles aren’t used to working the right way anymore, and you may have weakness in your hands on top of the pain. 

Arthritis gloves help provide added support. Most gloves will provide some form of compression, which doubles as swelling relief and as extra structural support. That way, it’s easier to use your hands without taxing arthritic joints. Depending on the glove, there may also be a thermal or splint component for extra relief. 

Are Arthritis Gloves the Right Choice for Me?

Arthritis gloves may be a good choice for you if: 

Again, these gloves will not treat symptoms, but they can provide some much-needed relief so that it’s easier to carry on your day. If you do use therapeutic gloves, though, you’ll have to use them consistently. Most doctors give an eight-hour rule (as in, wear the gloves for eight hours) in order to see benefits over a period of weeks. 

Why Opt for Disposable Arthritis Gloves?

Unfortunately, we live in a time when germs are at the forefront of everyone’s minds. And for those who struggle with arthritis pain, arthritis gloves are still a form of necessary relief. The problem is that reusable gloves would have to be washed as soon as you wore them outside of the house. 

Disposable arthritis gloves can offer a form of temporary relief for those who need arthritis management but are concerned about germs on reusable gloves. With a disposable single-use glove, you’re guaranteed to get a clean glove every single time. 

Choosing the Best Disposable Arthritis Gloves

Here’s the good news: choosing disposable arthritis gloves is exactly like choosing reusable arthritis gloves. All of the same rules apply. So if you already know what you like in a reusable glove, all the same guidelines apply to a disposable alternative. 

If you’re trying arthritis gloves for the first time, here’s what to look for. 

Fit is Everything

Regardless of the glove type, the most important part of an arthritis glove is how it fits. 

If the glove is too loose, it won’t achieve any compression and it won’t do you any good. On the other hand, if the gloves are too tight, you’ll have pain from the gloves and your arthritis. Look for a glove that fits snugly but comfortably. 

The best way to do this is to measure your hand. You’ll need to measure around your hand at the widest point (excluding your thumb) and from the base of your palm to the tip of your middle finger. Choose your size based on those measurements, and if they give you two different sizes, choose gloves based on the larger size of the two. 

Consider the Material

You’ll also need to consider the material of your arthritis gloves. 

Remember, you have to wear these gloves for eight hours at a time to see a benefit. That means you need a breathable material to keep your hands from getting sweaty. If you wear them during the day, you’ll also need a flexible material so that you can still move your fingers. 

For softness and breathability, the best choice is latex. That said, latex may not necessarily be stiff enough to deliver compression. In that case, opt for a thicker nitrile glove

The Best Disposable Gloves to Keep You Comfortable and Healthy

You should be able to carry on your day comfortably, regardless of arthritis pain. We have gloves that can help you carry on your day without missing a beat, whether you’re looking for nitrile gloves or latex gloves. Better still, you can find them at prices that work for your budget. 

Make sure to check out our store to find your perfect gloves and place your order today!

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