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Gloves for Harvesting Cannabis

Gloves for Harvesting Cannabis

Nitrile Gloves

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Whether you’re weeding or tending to your favorite weed (see what we did there?) you need a good pair of gloves to keep your hands safe while working. It’s about more than just comfort--it’s about ensuring safety and the quality of your final product. 

Here are a few good reasons why cannabis growers should always wear gloves, and how to choose the perfect gloves for the job. 

Why You Should Wear Gloves During the Harvesting Process

It doesn’t matter how tough your hands are, how careful you are, or how long you’ve been in the growing business. The reality is that no one’s hands are tough when they’re riddled with cuts, sore with infections, and covered in lesions. 

Plus, when you’re growing cannabis for a business, you need to ensure high-quality plants. That means ensuring good handling no matter what. And the best way to do that is to protect your hands by wearing gloves. 

Here are a few excellent reasons why cannabis growers and harvesters should always wear gloves during the cannabis cultivation process. 

Bacteria and Fungi

There are a lot of great things about growing cannabis. Bacterial and fungal infections are not among them. 

Like any other gardener, farmer, and grower, cannabis growers have to be on the lookout for common bacterial and fungal infections lurking in their plants, soil, and tools, such as: 

Unfortunately, these germs and spores are quite common in gardens as a result of common garden features, like using fertilizer with cow manure or standing pools of water. The best way to avoid infections is to prevent them from taking hold in the first place. 

And that means wearing gloves every time you work on your weed. 

Injury Prevention

Between sharp tools, sharp plant matter, and good old fashioned accidents, injuries are a common feature of the cultivation process. And while you could tiptoe around your plants with kid gloves (figuratively speaking) the simpler solution is to protect yourself against injuries in the first place. 

The good news is that the right pair of gloves (even disposable gloves) can prevent a wide array of sharps injuries. The right glove material will have high tensile strength and puncture resistance, thus protecting your hands against injuries. 

Critter Control

While you do your best to keep rent-free tenants out of your cannabis fields, you’re likely to encounter at least a few pests. These can range from small critters (like spiders) to large and potentially threatening animals like snakes. 

Plus, wearing gloves also prevents you from touching things you would rather not touch by accident--like droppings from the local wildlife. 

Best Gloves for Cannabis Cultivation

Whether you’re handling dirt, trimming growth, or just checking on the state of your beds, you need to wear gloves to do your job safely. The question is, what gloves are the right choice? 

Here are a few things to keep in mind. 

Latex, Vinyl, or Nitrile Gloves?

First, you have to consider the material of the gloves. In most cases, that’s the choice between latex, vinyl, and nitrile gloves. 

For cannabis growers, who need sanitary protection and a glove that’s durable, nitrile gloves are the best choice. Nitrile is the strongest material on the glove market, with impressive tensile strength and unbeatable puncture resistance. 

Vinyl is too flimsy for use as anything but a basic sanitary barrier. Latex is stronger than vinyl and offers greater tactile sensitivity than nitrile, but it’s not as puncture resistant, and it isn’t allergen friendly. 

Even if you and your employees don’t have latex allergies, you have no way of knowing whether someone who handles your product down the line will have a latex allergy. You’re better off playing it safe. Always buy nitrile. 

Disposable Gloves or Reusable Gloves?

The next question is whether you want disposable nitrile gloves or reusable nitrile gloves. For growers, the question comes down to the task. 

For basic tasks like planting, a good pair of reusable nitrile gloves is a great choice. These will give you more mileage when you’re not worried about cross contamination and will give you more value over time for tasks that don’t require frequent glove changes. 

However, if you’re worried about cross-contamination or if you’re handling chemicals, you should always opt for disposable gloves. These can be just as durable as reusable gloves, but you don’t need to worry about cross-contamination issues once the job is done. 

Gloves the Cannabis Industry Counts On

Looking for a great set of nitrile gloves that your whole team can count on during harvesting season? Our nitrile gloves are designed for maximum comfort and performance, with a fit like a latex glove but no latex or powder to cause skin irritation. 

Make sure to check out our shop for gloves you can trust. And if you’re ordering for your whole cultivation team, no worries! Our expert customer service team can set up a wholesale order for you.

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