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Protective gloves are most often associated with medical/dental and laboratory use. However, latex, nitrile, vinyl and polyethylene gloves are excellent at protecting your hands from harsh and potentially toxic cleaners, solvents, epoxies, adhesives, paints and oils. Because of this, disposable gloves are now widely used in all types of businesses and have become a common household item. PLP can provide you with a wide variety of gloves. Brief descriptions of the major types of gloves are provided below.

Medical Grade - Manufactured for medical use, these gloves are extensively tested to pass FDA requirements and meet or exceed a broad range of demanding specifications. Available powdered or powder-free.

High Risk - Commonly used in emergency medical services demanding extraordinarily high levels of protection, these latex gloves are available powdered and powder-free.

Utility Grade - A glove which is not manufactured for medical use and not tested to FDA specifications. This glove should not be used for any sort of patient contact, but they are great for automobile work, painting, and general hand protection. They are manufactured to ASTM specifications. Gloves sold as utility grade are usually powdered, but may be any type.


Sizes/Styles - The majority of gloves are available in small, medium, and large sizes. Selected styles are available in extra small and extra large as well. Also, gloves can be manufactured with different cuff lengths, textures, thicknesses and other characteristics. Call or email us for more information.


Powdered Latex - PLP powdered latex gloves have a beaded cuff and use a uniformly light USP grade cornstarch coating ensuring comfort and easy donning. These gloves are designed to reduce the risk of irritant or allergic contact dermatitis. Available in utility and medical grade complying with ANS, ADA, CGSB, TUV certifications and standards.

Powder Free Latex - PLP powder-free latex gloves are manufactured to minimize protein allergens normally detected in natural rubber latex gloves. The medical grade gloves surpass all United States standards for medical examination gloves. Available in utility and medical grade complying with ANS, ADA, CGSB, TUV certifications and standards.

Polymer Coated Powder Free Latex - Double polymer coated powder-free latex gloves available from PLP protect both staff and patients by reducing the liklihood of direct contact with natural rubber. These unique medical grade gloves are coated with a special polymer resin both inside and outside. The only glove that combines the excellent tactile properties of latex with the safety of synthetic or nitrile gloves. Polymer coated gloves do not discolor or give off unpleasant odor like chlorinated latex gloves. Beaded cuff and smoothness of interior polymer coating make donning easy. Gloves meet or exceed all ASTM standards including stringent 1.5 AQL standard.

Nitrile - PLP's HandCare® nitrile gloves are increasing in popularity due to the material's superior performance in a number of areas. Nitrile is a hypoallergenic synthetic polymer that resists chemicals and static charge better than natural latex rubber, and is more puncture resistant than latex or vinyl of comparable thickness. Because nitrile does not contain latex rubber proteins, it can provide a more suitable alternative to people who experience latex sensitivity. Nitrile gloves are becoming available in the majority of styles, grades and sizes that have long been available in latex and vinyl.

Vinyl - PLP powdered vinyl gloves often offer an economical alternative to glove users who may experience latex rubber sensitivity. Available in medical and utility grade.

Other specialized gloves exist. If we haven't listed them, it doesn't mean we can't get them. As mentioned above, if you have a need for another type of glove, let us know.

HandCare® Single-use Safety Lancets from PLP offer the highest level of patient comfort and clinical safety available. Ideal for clinical or home use, these lancets offer the utmost in simplicity and virtually eliminate the majority of factors contributing to lancet and sample contamination. Colored-coded lancets are available in a variety of puncture depths. HandCare® single-use safety lancets are available at the lowest prices in the industry, only from PLP.

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